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Thursday, April 30, 2015

A White Guy says again to just turn your cheek...again. A few Words.

Just a few daily thoughts on Baltimore and turning one more cheek!

I owe everyone an apology...

Turns out that Freddie was caught dealing drugs after his car wreck where he damaged his spine. The officers were trying 

to help him and he smashed his own neck in the back of the police transport and sealed his fate by severing his own spine...

Eric Garner in New York was actually drowning on the street in NYC. The officers tried to save his life while he screamed "I can't breathe!"... He drown himself.

Finally, Michael Brown in Ferguson,Mo had been warned previously by his doctor that lead pellets should not enter his body at high rates of speed. He failed to follow that advice.

I truly feel sorry for the misaligned police and hope you will forgive me.

Freddie is a fuse. 
Trayvon is a fuse. 
Michael is a fuse. 
Eric is a fuse. 
Marlene is a fuse. 
Francis is a fuse. 
Kelly is a fuse. 
Name after name of hundreds or thousands of people 
abused through time in the name of Law and Order are the fuse.

You are not the dynamite. 
The dynamite is deep. 
The dynamite is hate.
I guess the comic book plot of the gangs of the Joker, the Riddler and the Penguin all joining gang forces together to defeat Batman and control Gotham just didn't work!
The explosion is just waiting.

You are not the explosion of violence.

The dynamite is a failed education school house. 
The dynamite is a failed prison system. 
The dynamite is a failed political system. 
The dynamite is just the System,

The dynamite is them. 
The dynamite is us


Watching the milling around by riot police in Baltimore with some thoughts.
!. Who came up with the idea that the Black Guerilla Family( the BGF), the Bloods (Black) and the Crips would all band together to "Take out" Police. How is that different that a month ago? Was this just a red herring to give Police the right to run around in Riot Gear?
2. Why does Baltimore have a billion cops on the street?
3. They said the High School kids were leaving early to riot, but they flooded out of the school at the regular time school was out. And flooded out like kids do when school is over.
4. Is Baltimore the start of the Revolution? I always wonder what will be the final straw...


I went out on a limb when I said that the police invented the "news story" that there was a truce between the BGF, the Bloods and the Crips. It has now been confirmed twice that the police were 
just looking for an excuse to antagonize high school kids to riot while gaining the support and fear 
of a nation of white people!