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Monday, April 27, 2015

The Anatomy of a Riot Ballet

" I think that we've got to see that a riot is the language of the unheard.

And, what is it that America has failed to hear? It has failed to hear that the economic plight of the Negro poor has worsened over the last few years."

Martin Luther King, Sept. 27, 1966


Freddie is a fuse. Trayvon is a fuse. Michael is a fuse. Eric is a fuse. Marlene is a fuse. Francis is a fuse. Kelly is a fuse. Name after name of hundreds or thousands of people abused through time in the name of Law and Order are the fuse.

You are not the dynamite. You are not the explosion of violence.

The dynamite is deep. The dynamite is a failed education school house. The dynamite is a failed prision system. The dynamite is a failed political system. The dynamite is them. The dynamite is us

The dynamite is hate.

The explosion is just waiting.


The Anatomy of a Riot Ballet

It started in the morning and many of us were confused. The Black Guerilla Family, The Bloods and the Crips had issued a dictum to “take out” the Cops of Baltimore.

Strange to most of us white people, who have never found ourselves as the guest of one of the many penitentiaries that dot our American landscape but the Black Guerilla Family or BGF is a gang that was borne in prison and was associated with a number of leftist groups, including the Black Liberation Army, Symbionese Liberation Army, and Weather Underground.

The other two street gangs sprang forth in Southern California, expanded to have criminal activities throughout the United States and even our military and have been a criminal enterprise dealing in drugs and prostitution for decades.

The two Gangs have maintained a bloody rivalry for years.

It seems odd that a political prison gang and two uber-violent criminal enterprise gangs would announce after a Sunday meeting that they were joining together to “take out” the cops.
Also, since two of the three gangs make their income from the sales of drugs by “corner boys”, and prostitutes roaming openly, the pressure to take out the police that for the most part, they have already bought and paid for, makes a substantial dent into their business plan. They maybe gang members, but they are extremely profitable and by bringing all of this pressure on their distribution chain can only diminish profits.

Well, early this morning, at least for most of us…the stage is set. Yes, it is right out a Batman/Superman comic plot where Gotham is going to be taken over by the union of the gangs of Riddler and the Joker and the Penguin but the media bought it, spread it to us and we lapped it up.

The Police Intelligence Unit intercepted a notification that a gang of students were planning on leaving their high school early, converge on a mall and RIOT! They admitted later that the secret notification was a tweet that has circulated at the school.

As the day began, and even before the schools let out, the “phalanx” of police (media’s word, not mine) lined the streets, three deep, in full riot gear, some police cars strategically placed isolated from the lines of police…waiting for the gangs to destroy they in full media glory. All of their regular transportation and heavy equipment was placed well behind their lines.

As the police surged towards the growing numbers of high school students, brick and sticks and bottles began to fly. Actually, film crews caught students throwing at police, and angered police throwing at the students.

Things were getting out of control. The Police Captain announced that this was not a demonstration, but that these were thugs (much like the thugs in the BFG, Bloods and Crips). He also announced that 7 officers had been hurt and hospitalized. One was unresponsive. The number soon elevated to 15 officers with broken bones and the crowd began looting. They became thugs and criminals and they were not protesting. They were not demonstraters.

They were criminal thugs. Looting, public and private property destroying criminals. They had evolved by the media from angry high school students to gangs.

It was complete.

It was recapped on the news tonight that before the riots in Ferguson, while all were still trying to figure out why an Officer had shot Michael Brown. Michael was painted as a giant, a mad man, running crazy towards a defenseless policeman, before everyone went mad…the police released a video of he and his friend stealing cigars from a convenience store.

Just today, after a 73 year old reserve police officer in Tulsa had mistakenly grabbed his revolver instead of his taser, a undercover video of the bad black man was released to the media showing the bad guy selling drugs or involved in some nefarious activity. (Update 7/2015: Did anyone ever wonder what happened to him?)

When both Police Chief’s of Tulsa and Ferguson were asked why they released the videos that seemed to show the dead black men involved in illegal activities, they both said “The media insisted on seeing the videos. Of course, no one in the media knew of the videos to ask for them, but the police were setting the stage for the Riot Ballet.

We the People, make a wonderful and gullible audience to watch the Riot Ballet in clustered awe.. We have done it once, twice, three times and we will do it again!