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Communiqués from the Front

Communiqués from the Front

by Stuart Welch on Thursday, November 4, 2010 at 7:08pm

Communiqués from the Front

Dear Facebook and Online  Family,

I am getting some weird info or intel from some friends outside of the US. It appears that there has been some sort of takeover of the radio and TV stations in Nevada and Florida. There has been some gunshots heard, some automatic weapons fire but there has been no interruption of the broadcasts on either media. There are confirmed dead, mostly staff. No one has rushed the broadcast floor as of yet.
My contacts have friends that are doing a project in Nevada and they are hidden in a storage area just outside the broadcast center. They are able to hear some sort of radio transmissions between these groups.
They are saying that the people who have taken over the station are dressed in military uniforms and appear to be Americans but they are not sure. After the first groups took over the broadcast centers, other troops appear to be going through Station files.  They are wearing SAR patches on their uniforms.
This is a situation occurring right now. I will send more when I get my next contact.
11:57 Wednesday 2nd message
OK, the weird just turned weirder. Some people under guard have just been ushered into the Channel 13 Station in Nevada on N. Central. There appear to be 2 groups: the first group looks to be family members of the on air broadcasters. The people stowed away can see that the soldiers are standing just behind the cameras and pointing guns at the family members in sight of the people on camera. This is horrible.
There seems to be a news story on Cowgirls running at the station. No news of this has been released as of yet. I don’t see anything on the news here yet.
There is another person that has been brought in under guard but she seems to be in charge. Their contact recognizes the woman but don’t know her name.
More information as I get it
12:45 PM Wednesday 3rd Message.
Bad News, some of the people in hiding have been discovered and shot immediately. The remaining 2 contractors have managed to get into a crawlspace in the ceiling and made their way through the rafters. They saw into a conference room where it appears people are being questioned about  their politics and if they are gay…If they are gay? Everyone is being held in the cafeteria except for a few people who have been taken into a facilty below the station.
I really doubt this is about Gays! This is just too big and organized. Does anybody else have any information. I tried to call the station but I got a recording.
Although they have not been able to escape (they almost got caught when they cell phone alarm rang), they can see that several people have been loaded into a semi truck just outside on the receiving dock.
We can only assume that the same actions are taking place at the other locations.  One consultant heard a soldier say “Sharon said to take this group to Camp T as soon as we are done here.” About 60 people have been loaded into the truck. It must be horrible inside.
The 2 consultants are unable to get past the people posted at all of the exits. Some people on the streets, mostly Hispanics are being brought in and added to the people being held in the large meeting rooms. Whites and non-whites are being separated. These guys are definitely scared because they are from a group of IBM Pakistan consultants. They are definitely panicy.
Broadcasts are continuing as normal. The Noon News just wrapped up.

Is it possible some sort of uprising or military takeover is starting? I have heard rumors of camps being set up out in the desert not far from here but those people are usually written off as quackers.

I haven't heard anything for about an hour. I hope these people hiding out are OK.

1:10 PM

Short Message: There are definately people being taken away. More uniforms and automatic weapons are congregating. Some other people were warned by the consultants and went into hiding near the government buildings in Carson (Nev?) where they are definately rounding up people. The Neveda State website seems to be crippled. And I have actually lost my web connection through my server. I am piggy-backing off of my neighbors server (he should know security better as he is/was Military Intelligence and leads a group of paranoids who are always writing about protecting us from the Invasion. Nice guy, but a little intense.

He has the same SAR logo on his server. Anyway, until I figure out what is wrong with my internet, I will continue to update this story.

I am finding each blackberry message harder and hard to believe. We have not heard anything about rounding up people off the street and semi's full of detainees being taken somewhere into the desert.

These people near the capital in Carson said these soldiers are tearing the place up looking for somebody or something.
All I can say is that this is weird. How come I can't find it on the news, even on the internet?? Anybody??

OMG, someone just ran accross North Carson and was shot by a sniper. What the hell is going on. Is this some robbery of something. The only thing I heard from Florida was about the TV station takeover and then no one has heard any other news.

I am going to try another contact I have in Neveda near Searchlight. He is a dealer (card not pot!) and usuall works nights so he is home during the day.
I will let you know as soon as I know.

Is anybody getting any messages on Facebook. It seems really slow...

1:22 Wen
Somebody just sent this note on an IM

Raggio NV Senate leadership under fire

and this attachment
 <span> </span>
Nothing in over an hour. I am not getting any responses from anyone. Is anybody out there. I am going to leave for awhile and log in at Starbucks. My postings are not even appearing on Susan's  Droid.
I wonder what I am doing wrong.

I did hear from my friend in Searchlight. He said he woke up to the sound of helicopters overhead and some sirens but that is not unusual. The end of his street is blocked off but probably because of some domestic tiff out of hand!

I was surprized to find out that Harry Reid was a Searchlight resident too.

I am getting a lot of "Content not available messages on Facebook" They must be having a problem.

Like this
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7:34  PM Wednesday

I have not heard any additional information except that internment camp are being set up according to information provoded by a member of Congree. It is possible that the SAR Military who have taken charge in parts of Nevada, Florida, Kentucky and Arizona has received the infomation from the Census Bureau and the FBI and are using the information to round up certain groups of people.

I am amazed this is possible. It is amazing that the President with 40 Warships presumable for protection is heading towards Asia, specifically India. Supposedly, he is setting up some sort of remote Command Center at a location in India (this can be confirmed on the Internet!)

Folks, I don't know what is happening or what happened but it is obvious that given the millions of votes received by recent midterm candidates who informed the public that Sharia Law was being practiced in certain locations in the US, the abortions are to be refused even in the case of incest or rape, that the Civil Rights ACt of 1964 should be overturned, that we have the right and duty to use violence to overturn democratic elections if we do not get the results we want (Second Amendment Remedies! )

 There were millions of votes across the Nation from people that support the above and other extreme actions. You can accept this and watch their numbers grow at the next election and the next and the next or you can turn on the lights,and watch them scurry when they are exposed to the Truth, intelligence and chellenge them at every corner. The future of your COuntry is exclusively in your hands,  You must take an active part or expect to wake up some day to find Extremists and the blazing barrel of a second amendment remedy.