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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Our Race to Hell: Did Baltimore change our course or is it make believe?

A topic from chatter on Facebook from folks around the world.


Somewhat glad about the news out of Baltimore.
I am hesitant to be elated. I am hesitant to dance.

It remains that it should not have happened here or in any city.

Everyone, including Freddie, deserves their day in court. I hope these charges 
don't get plea bargained out...stretched out until we forget and have little impact 
on cities and townships around the country.

We have an opportunity to START to fix the bad here. Lets make sure it happens.

And it is difficult for us to focus on 2 things at once but let us not forget the tragedy that is 


"While happy with the indictment, Freddy was just a spark that lit a a part of

vast pile of angry undergrowth the city is built upon. They need to clear out

 dead wood or nothing will change. I've seen no evidence at all they are 

actually addressing - or even recognizing - these systemic problems so 

Baltimore and many other cities will remain a tinderbox just waiting for

 Whatever we are fed...

The Nederlands:

"Then you read this ....

The Baltimore police officers union sent a letter to Mosby Friday

asking for a special independent prosecutor to be appointed

for the investigation. The union argued none of the officers

suspended in the investigation is responsible for Gray's death."

Colorado, US

"It's a start; a wake-up call, if you will. (Hopefully)"

 I am very concerned that the grain of this illness is so deep, so pervasive and widespread 

that I have no clue what would have to be modified in order to affect real change. You are 

talking of a change that would impact human nature at the core, change our corporate 

responsibilities and every institution that services every blighted urban area.

This is not a kumbaya moment where we can have a community meeting with various

 religious leaders and elected officials and expect any real change to emerge.

I hate to be crude but this will probably result in a good old fashioned, 

placate the masses, feed the media, screw the poor, circle "period of self-stimulation".

I will add on to this conversation as it develops.