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Friday, January 8, 2016

The Widow of the American Sniper, Gun Control and the President

Sort of ironic that the widowed wife of a man that had over 250  sniper "kills" of people spoke out in the contrary with the American President
Chris Kyle was a sniper, a soldier who took the lives of people that may or may not have been involved in a war we should never have sent out children to fight. Right or wrong, war or not, she was the widow of the most violence man that single-handedly killed the most people. What was wrong was that her husband was killed by someone suffering from PTSD from a war the murderer never left.
The President's attempt to limit gun sales to the mentally handicapped may have saved her husband. But the widow spoke out in the contrary with the American President

Funny that she was so in the bubble that when the President said over and over that his enforcements of laws already on the books, would not impact her ability to own or buy guns one iota. She could have all the guns she wanted. No one was coming to take them away.

There is no conspiracy to seize guns from those that follow the law.

She only heard the shrill wails of those inside the Bubble. She failed to translate correctly the reality of what our President was saying.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Changes Changes

As many readers may know, I have found this blogsite to be slow and unmanageable.

I have migrated many of my older work to my new site Urbansword found at

Urban's new Blog Site.

I am putting all new posting there. It is easier for you to comment, leave messages and join to receive updates.

As some of you may know, I am almost finished formatting my new book, The 1% Solution and I will post some teasers in the new location.

Please join us.

Oh...and I will not be leaving my opinions behind. I will move my opinion work over as well.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

We enter an Age where we choose an Enemy, not a Candidate

Choose your Enemy well.

Earlier today, I was swinging around the Blame Machine back towards us.

I commented that we are responsible for our reality, for our politicians and the actions of our Country. We face that again. As we approach a new American Election season, we are confronted with a collection of cahoots that you could not have dreamt up in your wildest nightmare. And I am referring to those candidates on both sides…on all sides!

I want to focus of two candidates: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. At this point, they appear to be the popular front runners. I think they were both borne out of a need of the American voter to chose a leader that is not responsible for the sh*tstorm that has played out on our TV Screen for a decade.

People, Voters, Americans are tired and want no one that brings the stink of a politician with them.

My partner and I were having a political discussion, trying to determine where Donald Trump came from. Why is he here today?

My position was that as a wise savvy businessman, Donald Trump was aware of what the people wanted. He created a product that was sure to be popular with the masses.

She picked up on that direction and added that as a narcissist, Adolf Hitler gave the people of Germany what they needed. The economy was failing, Germany was collapsing and the German people needed an enemy. Adolf Hitler gave them the Jews. He blamed the Jews for the demise of German, of Europe and of the World. The people needed and enemy to focus on. He filled the need.
Donald Trump has given people an enemy: the illegal alien. They sneak across the border, the sell us drugs, they rape our women, and they form gangs and they kill us and choke our social welfare systems, schools and hospitals into stumbling ineptitude. Throw that Mexican right out of your Press Conference and the people cheer!

The illegal Alien has become the enemy that the followers of the Donald need.

And then I came to Bernie Sanders. Bernie good, Bernie, friend of the people, Bernie, friend of education and infrastructure and science. Bernie Sanders…a friend of the Future of America. Bernie warm and grandfatherly yet he is the grandfather we want on the farm.

But being Bernie the Good is just not good enough. He needs an enemy and just like The Donald need the illegal Alien. The Bernie drags one out for the people to throw rocks at, to curse and damn and blame for all of our failures.

Bernie gives the voter the Corporation. The big “to Big to Fail” tax dollar swilling, unpatriotic. Money sucking, unloving, uncaring Corporation. A Corporation that would scratch out a profit from the blood and tears out of the American Voter. Just one of Bernie’s enemies, suck more out of our system that all of the dollars drained by every single illegal Alien.
But that is just too hard for us to understand!

Do we hate a group of shabby Mexicans or a group of $2000 suit businessmen, standing on a Wall Street corner trying to figure out how to suck out another dollar?

So we have a choice. And the choice may not be the Candidate, but the choice may be which enemy do we fear more. Which enemy fills us with more fear? One is easy. One makes us add up columns. One is brown. One is white.

Both hurt us, but which one do we choose to hate and then vote for the candidate that will protect us from this demon! I am sure, seeing how effective creating an enemy is, each Candidate will isolate and build an enemy for us to tie up to the tree and build a bonfire around. It is only a matter of time.

No, this election is not about choosing a Candidate. It is about choosing an enemy.

Satan and the Walking Dead: Do we have a reason to wait our turn?

Satan and the Walking Dead:

Do we have a reason to wait our turn?

Maybe I am wrong.

It certainly would not be the first time and surely it will not be the last. I have made decisions in my life that I regret today but I will tromp along until I meet my foregone conclusion.

This is something different for my Country. Or maybe it is not. I woke up after a difficult night and while my coffee was heating, I read a posting that just said “Do not utter the Killer’s name. Do not honor him by building his notoriety by saying his name remember the victims Allison and Adam. They were in love”

I had no idea what had happened but after a couple of clicks, I learned of another set of public in-your-face-murders.

At this point, we could run a cable channel of all of the victims of gun violence, or beatings and abuse or even drug overdose. We have enough for the Death Channel.

For a moment, the premier of Fear the Walking Dead flashed on my brain screen and for just a moment, a single moment, I wondered if it was all true except that the victims were not being taken out by drooling snarling zombies, but in reality they were being taken out by us.

And after the fleeting thought of we are the Walking Dead, waiting our turn, I considered that maybe there was a Satan and in some promised way, we were just getting what we deserved.

As an American society, we:

Slaughtered native American, men women and children and stole their land and resources.

Enslaved an entire race of people and gave our domesticated animals better care.

Financed and executed a dozen wars in a dozen countries not to preserve and protect and move our Citizens into the future, but to strengthen our Corporate entities claim to grow and fester.

Along the way, we have literally massacred millions of families in Vietnam, in Thailand, in Afghanistan, in Iran, in El Salvador, in Chile, in Cuba and if we didn’t kill the innocents, we financed our puppets to kill for us absentia in a dozen other countries around our planet. Much of this blood flowed again to secure the position and power of the Corporations named above.

Our own Government allowed these same Corporations to prosper in a tax void environment to poison our air, to poison our water, to poison of food and to poison our soil…without recourse or damnation.

And when someone comes along to stop the poisoning, to stop the murder, to call out their responsibility for our demise, they have been blocked, reviled, ridiculed and rendered useless.

And we let it happen. And we let every drop of blood spill and every micron of poison and microbe of destruction to be unleashed without recourse in our earthly home.

We let it happen and we are responsible and a few minutes ago, I considered that maybe there was a Satan and in some promised way, we were just getting what we deserved.

Every week, almost every day, someone seemingly normal, finds a gun a knife a weapon of some sort and randomly creates a “tragic event” They create tragic events at military bases, in classrooms, in cafeterias, in movie theaters, in playgrounds, in open spaces and private rooms. They enter unnoticed in every space of our life.

Maybe, we , the Walking Dead, are chosen by Satan, to carry out random slaughter.

No that is insane. There is no Satan. There is no guiding force. There is no universal consequence of our actions.

Or is there?

I may have to re-evaluate my entire position. Can I even consider a Satan, without considering a God. I don’t know how can I can accept one with acknowledging the other. I had adopted a devout Atheist lifestyle for 50 years but as I approach the final third of the race, I would what drives someone: a man, a woman, a child, of every race and every creed…to pick up a weapon and slaughter.

Is there a Satan?

Maybe I am wrong.

It certainly would not be the first time and surely it will not be the last.


Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Blend, the Dialectic and the Not So Shrinking World

The Blend

I just watched a few sessions of Vice and I had a thought that I hope to flesh out for my blog. I yearn for a complete thought, even one as difficult as the Blend of The Donald and Bernie Sanders.

First, we must ask ourselves: Why The Donald? Why Bernie? Why now?

What is setting them on this course of political conflict? Surely they are not the standard bearers of the political world.

Each in their own way represents the antithesis of what is happening to America politically, to the World and to the quality of life on the planet.

The standard or the Thesis is a world wrapped in conflict, fertilized with ambition, greed and wealth. The Thesis is a world that with each passing moment continues to shrink. We know in a moment of the violent actions of religious zealots in the deepest jungles of Africa to the tromping of troops across a meager vegetable patch in the villages of Eastern Europe.

As the world shrinks, the Information age is upon us in a heavy way and we will be forced to re-think every element of how we see the world. 

Truth is, the world has not changed a bit. We not that we would notice!

The Earth is still:

“ the third planet from the sun, is the fifth largest planet in the solar system; only the gas giants Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are bigger. Earth is the largest of the terrestrial planets of the inner solar system, bigger than Mercury, Venus and Mars.

The mean radius of Earth is 3,959 miles (6,371 kilometers). However, Earth is not quite a sphere. The planet's rotation causes it to bulge at the equator. Earth's equatorial diameter is 7,926 miles (12,756 kilometers), but from pole to pole, the diameter is 7,900 miles (12,720 km) — a difference of only 40 miles (64 km).

The circumference of Earth at the equator is about 24,902 miles (40,075 km), but from pole-to-pole — the meridional circumference — Earth is only 24,860 miles (40,008 km) around. This shape, caused by the flattening at the poles, is called an oblate spheroid” (Thank you Wiki for the Control C paste!)

I doubt our planet has changed much in shape or size or weight in a million years. But since the birth and growth of the Information Age, the way we look at the World around us must change. Psychologically, spiritually, mentally, morality it is shrinking in size. Fear stuffs our face. It bloats our belly. We are almost chained motionless with the gluttony of fear. Boko Haram, ISIS, Mexican Drug and Rape Gangs run rampant outside our walls. We line our walls with guns, we build safeguards for our family, we trust no one and especially anyone in Authority. Any Authority.

I would have said that we pray more, but I think those numbers are shrinking as our World shrinks. I think, no I believe, that those that believe and worship and pray do so more intensely. Their belief in a God is strong and growing in strength. But their numbers of fellow Believers diminishes.

No problem. It just causes the Believers to fight harder, fight louder, have bigger signs and make sure we hear them cry

But the fact remains, their numbers in the Western World are falling. And even though, the followers of Islam bear a greater number of children than the next seven major World religions, their numbers are shrinking as well. A recent article states that nearly 16,000 Muslims leave the World of Islam every day in Africa alone.

Surely those left behind will fight harder to retain the control of the Caliphate or the polish the path to the Pearly Gates and trust me if we throught it was ugly before…it will get worse!

Which leads us to the Blend.

What if we could magically synthesize parts of Donald Trump and parts of Bernie Sanders.

Philosopher Hegel effectively and efficiently defined the world and all of it’s history, with one simple chart: Thesis (the way it is) the Antithesis (the opposition) and the Synthesis (of how it will end up.) It is more than political, it is more than economic or any other facet of the Human Experience. 

In the graph above, I don’t believe that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders represent the Thesis and Antithesis. I think that they both fill the slot of the Antithesis. They both were borne in the opposition of the current status quo. 

People dislike, okay despise, all right maybe even HATE the way things are. They hate the status quo. They do not like the Thesis. They are polled and turns out they prefer canker sores on their lips to the way the elected officials are running the Country. They prefer a good case of diarrhea to the Right Wing, the Left Wing, the Republicans, the Democrats and even the Tea Party.


The Donald and The Bernie both were borne to be the Antithesis.
They were both given birth from the same Thesis. But individually, they each may be too much of a change and may not take hold.

But if we could Blend the two…hmmmm

First we withdraw our troops from around the world, esp. the Mid East. It is wrong what the Radical Extremists are doing there, but unfortunately, it is their world. It is their playground and they have decisions to make.

We cannot make those decisions for them.

Tonight, the question was asked "Why do foreigners join ISIS and Al-Qaida"

I don't think it is too difficult to figure out. I don't agree with the decision but I ask,

"Why did so many people join in with the army of George Washington when our country was being born following the crushing colonization of the oppressive British?"

Pull back the troops, pull back the funds being paid out to those that hate us. Pull back to our shores. Save millions, billions and trillions. War machines will rust but this is an Age of Transition. So be it.

And then synthesize some of the Trump and some of the Sanders.

With Trump, we would secure our Country. Put up his damn wall. Control Immigration. Protect us from the intrusion of the Caliphate.

Redefine our Allies. If our Allies want protection, we build true alliances.

Now comes the Sanders component.

We rebuild America with his vision. We rebuild the infrastructure, the energy, the hospitals, the Medical systems, the training, our scientific reach and research. We build America and we use our returned troops to protect us while we rebuild our American Country. With the advances we would make saving a billion dollars a day, we could create an oasis in the huge expanses of the American landscape, esp. the West and South West.

I know this would take the food from the mouths of those individuals and Companies making trillions feeding our war machine...but...

I don’t like The Donald. I don’t like the terrorists that run through our countryside. I do like the protection of a strong border offers.

I don’t think our country is ready for, mature enough, smart enough for the forward visions of Bernie Sanders.|

But blend the two together and who knows! It just might work.
I mentioned it to someone earlier and they exclaimed “Bernie would make a GREAT VP!” I don’t think so. I think it must be a blend of the two.

Without it we can just go back to a world of diarrhea and canker sores.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Fear They sowed will be the Fear They Reap

So many Pundits are confused why Donald Trump has a double digit lead in the Polls over his nearest contender.

So many members of the Republican Party hierarchy are confused why Donald Trump has a double digit lead in the Polls over his nearest contender.

And his numbers keep growing. After his announcement, after his news conferences, after his first debate, his lead continues to expand.

Someone seems to forget one important fact. Even though Mr. Trump is not a perfect Republican candidate, with his head up the moneyed butt of some Billionaire like the other flock of contenders, he is a shrewd businessman. While every night on the news the talking head has said that the people polled preferred canker sores on their lips then the U.S. Congress and their performance in D.C.. The Public absolutely hated all of the shenanigans that the Evening News carried on the actions of our elected officials. He listened to the plaintive wail of the white masses of America “WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!”

He did what a successful businessman is supposed to do. He listened. As much as we didn’t want to hear it, he told the truth that we wanted to hear. In fact, it may not have even been the truth…but it is what we wanted to hear about the idiots in Washington, the Gangs of Raping, Drug Selling, Murderous Illegal Aliens flooding Main Street.

He listened and he told them that story. He gave them the product they wanted. He was their Big Mac, their 5 dollar pizza, their WalMart. He admitted he bought and sold politicians. He admitted that he was rich…real rich…real Billionaire rich.

And he spoke and they listened and his numbers grew.

And what the parties failed to realize was that he grew with the people and not as a Republican or as a Democrat or as a politician, but his popularity grew because he listened.

And they are starved like children to be listened to. They are starved for attention like a uncontrollable child.

And until the Party realizes that they are not supporting a Republican, he is beyond their control because he doesn’t need Billionaires or lobbyists or major Corporations because he is already all of those things. They are in trouble because they had been scared since no matter what they said Mrs. Clinton had already been chosen as our next President. And now they live in fear of one of their own.
So the Republicans that sowed the seeds of FEAR, find FEAR to be the only crop they can harvest. They lived in FEAR of President Obama. They lived in FEAR of Hillary Clinton and now they live in FEAR of their own ranks. They fear The Donald. They are paralyzed that if they try and quell this FEAR that he will leave their house and form his own Party and they walk a thin, thin line of FEAR..and FEAR leads to confusion and FEAR leads to looking so foolish to History.

They are so afraid and filled with FEAR that they that he will crush them that no one sees the real enemy: Bernie Sanders.

They accept Mr. Trump’s ranting bluster and Hillary wins, they cut him down and he goes on to form his own party and Hillary wins.

And the crowds keep growing around Bernie Sanders…

What will be interesting is what lies, faked scandals, creative re-telling of history, garbling of their spoken words, will the Party come up with to try and stain The Donald and the Hillary. Writers and Screen Play Writers take note: Amazing fiction you could never imagine is about to emerge.

And silently, without even the Media present, the crowds keep growing around Bernie Sanders…

Friday, August 7, 2015

Abortion and Syria and a Dentist meets Cecil. I consider where to draw the line. Sort of a Life Line

"Life takes on many forms. If life was a spectrum, through time we locate a spot on the spectrum where we draw the line. To the right are those beings we choose not to kill for satisfaction, enjoyment or sustenance. To the left is everything else, everything we find acceptable to cease their existance, crush their life, terminate their existance without pause or a single thought.

That line on the spectrum is different for everyone one of us on the planet."

                                                                                             Eduardo Barbudo


Weighing in on a sensitive topic of life or the justified cessation of life, especially in the form of abortion as a male, weighing in an opinion is rarely a good idea where a family feud is brewing or it is a overwhelming personal matter. 

But I am a fool.

First, it is a personal choice. It is a choice of the woman to choose to end her pregnancy and choose to end a potential life.

It is the choice of the hunter to kill the lion.

It is the choice of the Syrians to starve their people, for ISIS to behead the infidels, even for certain authorities to kill or maim certain people.

It is all choices. It is always choice.

They maybe in our estimation poor choices. They may be choices that do not follow the tenets of what ever believe we have chosen, but even that is a choice.

When guidelines of what live should be preserved and which should be terminated without consequence, we did not consider that domesticated animals had life or feelings and preferred existance over the butcher's slice. Before the lines were drawn, we were even unaware of how we teemed with life, far out of reach of our eyesite, but incredibly important to our continued existance none the less.

We murder, kill, destroy, maim life every single day. Probably every moment. It is just a matter of life that we choose to recognize as valid.

We eat pizza and burgers and bacon and even though we rarely consider it, we are consuming a life that has been forfeited for our personal enjoyment and appetite.

We could no more create a pig or a cow or a sheep that we could a lion or a giraffe.

We kill bothersome flies, crush ants, step on cockroaches and slaughter living microbes and bacteria with every step.

It is a matter of choice. We choose it is acceptable to kill some life, while other lives are lost to our shock.

There is little to no resolution. We can not force our personal choices as to what we choose to kill that we can create a fly or a cockroach or any other living thing that bothes us.

But is still life, it is still a choice and it is held in disdain by some and thoughtlessly executed by others. When did you last feel empathy for a bug smashed, a, invading rat captured in a trap?

Following the believe of some, these are all components of life that have been creater by their Maker
But we accept that some are acceptable to eliminate and some not.

Yet on the other side of the coin, some believe that whether the life takes the form of a lion or a giraffe or a human or even a fetus, it is still an animal and subject to all of the vagarities that existance provides.

So it brings us to a point.

Either you chose to believe like the evolutionist and recognize the nature of life or you choose to believe in a Higher Power and respect all life they have created. Which life you choose to acknowledge is a matter of degree and...choice.

So in conclusion...well there is no conclusion except personal acceptance of what is life and at what level. I can't tell you, you can't tell me.

It is personal acceptance and goes far beyond anything within our immediate surroundings...

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Another President Clinton. Don't be scared. It will be fun!

Today's blog post is sincerely political dribble. I have little to no idea if it is true. I have one source of information and that it to listen to 4 dozen voices of all political affiliations, talking to me simultaneously. It is my job  "as a RESPONSIBLE" American, to try and to filter and focus on the voice most oft believed and isolate that wavelength from a myriad of voices of cacaphony.

I try to form an opinion. But unless I am sitting there. Unless, I can spend a few weeks sitting in coffee houses and hanging out with a person, I can only rely on my ability to sift throw the voices.
Should I bother?

This morning the first thing I read in social media was that Hillary Clinton was a liar and a thief and covered with the fowl smelling mud of a thousand scandals, that anyone that supports her candicacy is a "sheeple." She does not have to lie. She has won. She does not have to be a thief. It is given to her. She is appointed. They (and you know who "they" are!) are afraid.

Now that I mention SHEEPLE...I find it amazing that a populist candidate who spews so much hate, who is the very embodiment of falsehood and faked scandal (remember the Birther issue?) is trouncing on the Republicans in the polls. Donald Trump of sports hero status grows in popularity every single day. We wait just to see what he will say next!

They must bring him down. They must crush Donald Trump.

They created the monster by leading them over to Fox News and Hannity and Coulter and O'Reilly and Breitbart and every limpdick liar that tried to come up with more outrageous ways to scream "I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK" when what they were saying was "I DON'T WANT A BLACK MAN AS PRESIDENT! I HATE BLACKS...and mexicans and gays and atheists and commies and abortions and welfare moms and voting fraud BUT MOSTLY I HATE BLACKS!)

They fueled the monster, they build the Frankenstein of Democracy out of the American poor and undereducated and fearful and helpless and when they find someone like Donal Trump, they go for him hook, line and sinker.

And again they are scared. They must destroy the monster they unleased and they must destroy the monster that is not of their making but will crush them none the less.

It should be interesting.

Back to Hillary.

She is just a bad and evil person, bent on filling her pockets with the spoils of her greed, probably a close friend of Vladimir Putin, Satan and ...liberals!

I don't believe any of that. I don't like her. I like the direction our current leader is suggesting, but he has been stymied and blocked at every path. Even so, he has managed to perform many miracles, but again I am forced to sift through the voices to learn this.

I add my voice.


Let me say this upfront:

I DO NOT support Hillary. She is too Republican.She speaks with her pockets bulging with Wall Street and Big Business money. Her husband was a great President and pulled this country out of an incredible mess, did fine and admirable work while in office, but like his wife, he was the victim of every fake, poorly concocted Scandal that they could throw at him.

Hillary is not a liar or a thief. She has little reason to be. She was appointed to be our next President and she will easily receive more votes than ANY of the 18 in opposition and they are scared.

Hillary has been named in a myriad of "trumped" up scandals of which none are proven because none are real. The opposition is scared and they will say anything to return to power.

Some of the "scandals" are laughably insigificant and just elaborately ignorant (Remember Travelgate?)

This being America, you can accuse someone of a scandal, waste money at unproductive and costly hearing after hearing to no avail and let it fade away until you need to run around screaming "Scandal, SCANDAL, SCANDAL!!!"

Still does not make it true.

Given that it was probably Hitler or Goebbels that said it first, it is still attributed to Karl Rove

"If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth"

Hillary will win the Presidency.

Hillary will strongly defeat the opposition.

But the machine will still pump out fake lie after fake lie.

This is about power true and simple. I do not want another money hungry elected official running my country on either side.

This is why if you stop and listen to what he says, look at his political history on what he has done, than you will see beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bernie Sanders then Elizabeth Warren is the only direction to save our Democracy from complete ruin.

I have not felt so strongly about someone since John Kennedy (but he cheated with Marilyn Monroe and drank with the Rat Pack) his brother Robert Kennedy (who knows what he did) and the old peacnik who turned out to be so right all along George McGovern...

I feel we have a chance with Bernie Sanders. I think that is why he puts so much emphasis on educating the country as our number one priority. He knows that a poorly educated populace is so easily controlled, so easily manipulated.

So I guess overall this blogpost did evolve into a commercial. But is mine and today I felt like saying my piece.

By the way, I added this chart from a friend. I don't like meme's but I am puzzzled that I don't know the answer. There must be a catch.

I hope someone turns on the light for me.

This chart is not so much Democrat or Republican. It is Progressive (which is not a dirty word) and Conservative (I will never understand why people vote against their own self interests...)

Friday, July 31, 2015

Trends of Idiocy

Trends of Idiocy

Everyone knows I see trends in social media. 

People that are separated by continents, by dozens of years. People I have known since birth. Some men, some boys, some women, some girls. I see trends between people that worship Gods, God, permaculture  and some other beings that just make old hearts pump faster.

This trend started as what I thought in myself, was a growing depression in my own psyche.

I read a post of a respected friend. They seemed to have fallen victim to the growing phenom of living in a fantasy world of half-truths and overly seasoned tidbits of “facts” fed to all of us from a blossoming family of well-financed cable news channels and an explosion of web sites.

I was depressed by the total misinformation they had posted for all to read. My next day’s post was a complete reversal of any political stance I had assumed over the last several years, ending with a submission that we should cease all resistance and surrender peacefully to the opposition and admit we had just make a big mistake.

All along I confessed, they were right.

I began to receive messages that I had “gone off the deep end” and that I was giving up.

The following day, a family member, a veteran returned from a frustrating and over extended war, was finding great difficulty in navigating through a system where he was seeking some type of assistance to attend a local college, raise a young child, and survive with the simplest of needs.

His frustration reached a point where he said that he just wanted to leave the country and find some place where he and his child could live out in a semblance of sanity, void of police randoming killing minorities, gangs wilding in the streets, politicians gaining popularity not because of their brilliance and statesmanship but because they appealed to the lowest common denominator like a Big Mac and fries. 

He was fed up. 

His social media was packed with comments from zealots claiming that the Rainbow Party was out to destroy all Christians, that Planned Parenthood was getting the bad press they deserved because God said in the bible that abortion was wrong and trading baby parts for Lamborghini’s was at least two steps beyond evil and satanic.

I don’t know if he was fed up with realizing that he had given four four years of his life in the bloody battlefield defending this crop of lunacy or if he was just ready to give up and move on.

The final stitch in the Trend Tapestry came from another son, quite independent from all of us. His contribution to social media this morning was a report of an article from the New Yorker about just how exhausting it was to continually try and explain to some around us, why so much we accept as “normal” from the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the politicians we elect and what we chose as entertainment is really a fool's parade to our own dirt nap. 

The article aptly titled:
Many in Nation Tired of Explaining Things to Idiots “ and this just about seals the trend.

I truly think we are all getting tired.

I suspect we can only live at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for just so long before we become sickened by the sight of another gobstopper and crave a carrot or even a batch of kale salad.

I thought it was my own demise that I was witnessing. But I see now that, like others, I am tiring of the overwhelming blather that is being released on social media and think that it is the taste of bile and vitriol with every click which may end up being social media's downfall and not knowing that a person you have not seen for two dozen years had just baked brownies or their cat climbed into a shopping bag.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

When the door appears

(I know it is safe for me to write here. They won't know. They laugh that I write and don't read regardless. I just just crazy and confused and self-absorbed. I am safe here for awhile)
Today the quiet of the house saddens me.
I feel alone and for the first time I feel the black void.

I don't know which way to turn. The further I travel the darker it wraps around me.
At first resistant to those around me telling me that I have meansprits and I must change or it all will be lost.
(No one else sees that and I don't know why. I doubt my understanding of the most basic
Cursed as a hoarder. I only want a few things to survive.
I only know how to change our things for money to live, but how long will that last.
I stand mocked when I point to a wall and say "but this is good? And these?"

I have taken the plunge of the Damned and I am almost shattered.
I am running out of places to turn.
I am not being heard and I have not given them any reason to fear me.

Losing the battle.
The silence deafens.

And even the fear of a Comets doom offers no fear, offers no relief, offers no release.

Whether it comes or not. It is coming.

My youngest blood  churned NY war and bathed in fear. tightens his jaw as he walks away. Another last hope sinks and I think more of the serenity of the cool and the mists and redwoods overhead.

I don't even look to see their ancient tops. I am happy to sit among them and listen.