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Monday, January 19, 2015

Untitled reprint of Self Evaluation

I am in a personal quandary.

My younger brother knows very little of the ways of the world outside his door and lives a life a the bliss of ignorant (I don’t fault him for that) and yet is full of giving of himself and the giving of love in the service of others.

I used to be an incessant news hound and then realized, like others, that little changes and everything frequently repeats. I am always amused when I pick up a paper from 1, 10, 20 or 50 years ago only to find that little has changed, except maybe the names.

I moved from the news sources, to my laptop and began writing fiction again. However, the news is still as part of my wife's routine. I learn of things vicariously, with the news on in the background. I frequently read social media and all of the “this and that” of our lives shared and see what I perceive as trends or inner-connected events.

These bullet points (to infinity) become the fodder for my writing. Much of what I write these days is either the approximate 1000 word "opinion" piece or some sort of melancholic free-verse. 

I believe that even though my desire is to return to fiction, writing is writing and when I feel a subject I can peer into in a few pages, I slam them to the page, post it to my blog, return to edit correct the omissions, fix the errors and add verbiage to clarify my thoughts. That is almost a daily occurrence.

Today’s topic that started running through my head was/is "Do we even know who we hate?" It started as a simple question I was asked "What was the difference between Muslim and Islam, Sunni or Shit'te?"

I must decide if I will bother because I know the answer and getting responses are like getting your dinner mate to taste something you have ordered in a restaurant after you took an initial bite and said eeewww.

I was given an affirmation, a positive mantra and was advised to avoid the negative everyday and repeat my affirmation upon rising and just before bed. I must have been seen to have a dirty brown or deep forest green auras. As well as I was advised to think yellow and put more yellow in my life.

I can curb my news feed, but can’t seem to cheer up my writing...I will try again when I start seeing more positive milestones.

Thanks for your responses.

(again this may all stem from months of toothaches bothering me)