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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

To Hell and the Damnation of Eternal Fire with Scoundrel Brian Williams

(later addendum follows)

During today's errand run, Talk Show host after Talk Show host slammed Brian Williams for repeated lying about everything from "looking down the barrel of the RPG" to saving puppies from a burning building. He was bound for the Gates of Hell itself and worse yet, banishment from our airwaves.

Brian Williams was screwed!

For two days, each station ranted and argued whether Brian should be sent to the Eighth Ring of Dante's Hell for Fraud or the Ninth Circle for Treachery. Without a doubt Brian was evil Incarnate only to be outranked by Beelzebub and old Satan himself.
And then something ironic happened in each case.

After each station's Brian Rant (truthiness sez that with the 9,000,000 viewers up for grabs with Brian on the fast train to hellish demise, they each wanted a share of the Advertising pie) they changed gears as smoothly as a Lexus Hybrid and went to to selling the BIGGEST LYING ADVERTISERS on Radio and Television. From Goldline (repeatedly charged with Fraud) to Life Lock to Healthy Choice Foods to the Olive Garden to the magic powers of everything from acai to bee pollen...
And the list goes on.
Gawd, it was wrong that Brian Williams lied.

He stretched the truth.

He stole our confident with his big toothy grin, but it it the advertisers that should be forced off the air and held accountable for each and every whopper, half-truth, lie, scam, cheating, con, extortion fraud, hoax, shakedown, hosing and flimflam they put us all through EVERYDAY.

Whether or not Brian Williams was shot at in a helicopter never cost me a dime. When we look at all of the promises we receive every single day from the Advertisers that control everything we hear, everything we see, you know we have been sucked dry for billions!
Just saying...

 Dena as you might see from my tongue in cheek damnation of Brian Williams, I don't think much of all of the chatter on nearly every outlet on his horrible transgression.

I had a choice of confronting the real lies that are told by the Advertisers each day to vacuum suck our wallets or to address the lies that are fed to the "Reporters" by those we have placed in power.
I chose the former since I figured people like Jon Stewart and John Oliver would adequately address the latter.

However my favorite politically inspired and Newsy generated set of lies comes from generating a phony invoice for "yellow cake" (used in the Uranium Enrichment process) and the purchase of "tubes" (used the same way) , leaking the phony invoices to the East Coast Media so that Politicos could "quote" it as a source on Sunday talk shows and use it for justifying the Iraq War and Invasion.


A later study, published in 2011, found that approximately 500,000 Iraqis had died as a result of the conflict since the invasion."

That would be 500,000 men, women and children killed because a war started by a lie and a phony invoice. Their deaths were not phony. Their deaths were real and we each have blood on our collective hands.

All of the outlets that reported the phony invoice, those who generated the phony information and then spoke about it as if it were real and all the media outlets that supported the invasion should be tried for murder or at the least reprimanded and ridiculed by society...

And then we should self-ridicule for letting it happen and try to guarantee that we never fall for anything murderous like this again!

I see an irony there...