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Saturday, January 17, 2015

‪#‎Je Suis‬ Part of the Problem: (With apologies to Mr. Maher!)

‪#‎Je Suis‬ Part of the Problem: (With apologies to Mr. Maher!)

I am confused. You know I get confused and some Social Media seems to be a forum for the confused.

Several days ago, in the name of Allah, several satirists were silenced and slaughtered in Paris.Then more blood soaked and splashed on our TV screens. All of this useless spilled blood was followed by 3,000,000 people marching in Paris in support of the Free Expression and Freedom of Speech.

And then something quietly happened.

The French Government arrested a comedian making Anti-Semitic jokes about the slaughter at the grocery. In my book, that is wrong. I don't support Anti-Semitic statements but isn't his arrest and detainment, denying the man his right to express his "satire" while everyone was marching in support?

In our country, our President chose, for what ever reason, to not attend the rally and choose not to exhibit the solidarity that many other world leaders were shown, marching locked arm down the Rue. President Obama was mocked and scolded and demeaned by the World Press and his political opposition for not attending this rally.

But wasn't the purpose of this rally to support expression and free speech? I am not implying that our President doesn't support free expression or free speech, but saying that he could only show his support by marching the Rue and Plazas of Paris with the 3,000,000. It is like saying that people, Christians, Jews, Muslems, Hindi, whatever, can only pray to their respective God in their chosen place of worship. In order for their prayer to be validated, they would have to deliver it in a church, temple or mosque.


Supporting Freedom of Speech and Expression is painful. Someone may not agree with me. Someone may call me an ASSHOLE or a Commie or even a Republican, but if they don't shoot me...isn't that their right?

If I support these freedoms, doesn't it go both, no... all ways?

Am I wrong in my way of thinking or have humans adopted a set of beliefs (try explaining the Pursuit of Happiness or Thou Shalt not Kill...) that we are unable to follow and thus brand us as a species of hypocrites?

Where am I wrong? (maybe this isn't the forum and only puppies and babies are truth...)