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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Some words of Annaliese

Every once and awhile, I see a piece of writing nestled between the cute kittens and piano babies that just seems to stand out.

 I like it and with the poster's permission, I share it here. This is just such a piece that caught my eye this morning and kept bringing me back.

These words are by Annaliese Adderly of Largo Fla, They are strong, harsh true and seem to come from someone who knows the words of a Tom Waits song and the beat of Bukowski.
Thank you for the share.

As far as I know this is untitled.

Picked like a sore on a junkies skin
it eats at you
Scandalous as a pair of panties
stuffed between the leather seats of a rental car
It's that hangover, that makes you vow
I'll never do that again
It's an inner voice that stings your ear, like a racial slur
uttered from the lips of a Governor
Minds gritty as a rebel flag tattoo 
found on every filthy Southerner
It makes you sick, like grain alcohol mixed with Flavor aid
stirred in a dirty bath tub
Infectious as that brass pole 
in the middle of a two dollar strip club
It's on your back, like a cheap tee you got for free
for smoking ten cartons of cigarets
It's the night the lights went out in Georgia
the one you’ll always regret
It's those ten to one odds, Baby
but you're a gambler and you've placed your bets
Keep your fists up
them demons ain’t done with you yet