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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Masturbation and while the Truth will set you free: a half truth might kill you!

               Over the last few days, I have heard some stories, some news, some real, some without merit and I thought about a new way some have chosen to masturbate.
     OK, Masturbate .

     That is a strong word, but  media and the digital social world have changed us and they have changed the way we interact with others, so it must have had an impact on how we interact with our selves.
            First the masturbation. Facebook, MySpace, Ello, Pinterest is packed with little words blurbs that are designed to get us to do something. In the old days, in High School, if we failed to tell ten friends about some amazing angelic visit or some ways to abtain money, we would be cursed into oblivion. We even qualified denoted it with a name: Chain-Mail.
            Today our “Chain-Mail” takes on a much larger presence. We receive notices that “I love my Country, I support the troops that defends us heroically, I pray for the safe return of our children and I KNOW who will report this to their status and who will not.”
            Presumably those that will are both loving our our Country and our heroic soldiers and those that don’t are the lowest of scum…unpatriotic scum.
            We receive re-post messages about Moms and a variety of cancers and a plethora of causes that if you fail to re-post, you have adopted a future as the lowest form of life.
     And here is where the Masturbation comes in (no pun intended!)

     Those that think up these charmer messages get recaps of just how viral they went. Many times it is as simple as going to a search engine, putting in the phrase and reviewing how many times it had been re-posted. “If you Love your MOM” was re-posted over 13,000 in Pakistan alone!
            When the Original Poster saw that level of response, I am sure they exploded with viral and digital joy!
            Which in a way is like Porn pictures or on-line Porn magazines or Porn movies: although you can watch then, there is an important element missing in the process. Everything you feel is imaginary. It never really happened to you. But it doesn’t stop millions from going for it!


   And I think more than just creating a “Love Your Mother” or “Hate this Cancer” tug at your heartstrings plea to re-post, is the sad digital tear when we learn that Blah-Blah-Blah famous person has died…suddenly.
     Today Judd Nelson died. A few weeks ago Bill Nye (the Science Guy), Jackie Chan, Chris Brown, Lady Gaga, Russell Crowe and even Morgan Freeman all died. And millions of words eulogized the loss of these folks, even eulogies from the dead ones themselves, proclaiming their still being alive..Go Figure.
            Who could believe at first that Robin Williams was taken or Jack Bruce just yesterday without first saying “Right…another faked death!”
            The internet, the media has made us into a horde of Doubting Thomas’ that will not believe until we can stick our hand in the hole! Well at least we are part of a long 2000 year old religious tradition.
            Which leads me to my final thought: the half truth.

     They get us with the half truth every single day on the TV, in advertisements and in social media. I love that 94% of everyone that graduated University of the Pacific got a job. The half truth: what percentage of original paid students actually graduated AND what percentage got a job in the field they elected to get degreed in. I am just guessing that 94% number flies out the window faster than Fat Burning Goo’s and Gadgets. Safe bet: if you see it on TV and then immediately at a garage sale…don’t invest your money…Send it to me!
            I wrote about two other half truths recently.

            “If you hear "Oh even the President of Greenpeace quit", read on to learn what they don't know or didn't bother to share.
               And when you hear that one of the co-founders of the Weather Channel bemoan the headline "Global Warming is a hoax", learn the rest of the story. Understand that the Weather Channel is entertainment and must hold our mutual attention to sell soap. Understand that there is a difference between "the weather" hat happens outside today) and "the climate" (what trends are happening over much longer periods of time).
               Remember that Limbaugh is PAID 400 million dollars to rage on about crap on the airwaves. Talking heads on  both sides make billions of dollars to sell their message and for you to buy their car and soap.
     Would you be Rush Limbaugh for 5 years for a measly 400 million dollars?
Funny how money filters what comes out of our mouths. Start by believing in   yourself. Take it from there.
      Maybe these things are true, maybe not, but remember when Abe Lincoln said
               "The problem with internet quotes is that you can’t always depend on their accuracy" -Abraham Lincoln,  1864
       Remember that Truth may set you free, but a half-truth may kill you!


               “Yah know what irks me? Oh course you do!
               But to my short list, I want to add that if you are under indictment or if you are proven quilty or if you have been convicted of a crime or even if you are caught in LIES, you should not be allowed to continue your con on the Public Airwaves.
               Has anybody seen an Angie's List commercial? They say that you can't pay to be on that list and that has been proven wrong and a lie!
               Has anybody seen a Wounded Warrior plea for funds. It looks like at least 58% of every donated dollar goes to the Admin and to the Announcers and Entertainers that rip off these people that have put their life's on the line for this country, right or wrong. 
               Fact remains that if you send in $100, probably less than $30 gets to help a Vet. A vet that was sent to fight for us and then ripped off by our Congress when they came back.
               Even though it is a noble cause, it is a shame, people are allowed to further rip off the Vets and show us  pictures of Vets who have lost their limbs holding babies.. We should be paying for their treatment, not some bunch of Con Artists.
               And what about that dope politician who threatened ON CAMERA to throw a reporter off of a Capital Rotunda balcony for asking him a question. He is also under indictment for numerous TAX EVASION charges.
               Are we nuts? This Butt-Nugget is still polling to win...
               Don't believe me...Do your homework! (Must be my theme today!)”

               So let us wrap this up.

               Advice from me (whoever that is)

1.      Don’t fall victim to someone who want you to re-post something. Follow your heart. Make your own postings. You can do it.
2.      Don’t trust much of what you see in the news, hear on the radio, or read in Social Media. Remember that these people regardless how inert, want to sell you soap. In the olden days we said : QUESTION AUTHORITY. I think now, unless we want to look like idiots (and that is OK as well), QUESTION EVERYTHING that matters to you. If you don’t care if Jay-Z has passed on and he has little to no impact on your life…let it go. It is is someone or something that makes you go awwwww. Look it up!
3.      Don’t accept the half truth. As Paul Harvey would say “and here is the rest of the story. Find out the rest. Step away from the TV and the Game and whatever and try to find the truth the best that you can.
You will be a better American and a better person for making the effort!