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Thursday, October 30, 2014

To the Children, there are no sides. They lose. We fail again

Charges fly between politicians. Words and epithets are tossed casually.

A series of chess move and counter-move is executed.

And it is the children that pay the price of false sovereignty with their blood, mutilated by mis-guided missiles, scarred by shrapnel, limbs forever missing like so many tiny toys and the cries for Momma and Poppa that go unanswered.

The leaders of this struggle for power and land and greed should all be shamed into mutual concession to save the children. The children do not know of boundaries. The Children do not know the struggle of war or the search for peace.
They are not Israeli or Palestinian or Christian, Muslim or Jew. They do not know of winning or losing battles. They do not know hate and racism and the anger of greed.
They know hunger and pain and fear and loss. They understand love and laughter and joy.

All adults on all sides should be ashamed. When old men intercede and attempt to redraw maps as did the British with India and Kuwait, all fails. Country after country, slicing and dicing age-old boundaries that formed and became the limits of a country are discarded like trash replacing a thousand years of human history. Some countries boundaries were natural divides, some by languages, some by God.

But none have worked at the stroke of a man's hand.
End the slaughter and send all the chickensh*t,  all to their corners: on each and every side.
Chickensh*t and US Israeli Relations. Another perspective