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Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Story of a Man.

I have been a lucky man. I have met some wonderful spirits during my journey. They all accept or reject me but I remain a lucky man.

He once said to me as as we crossed over a simple bridge at a festival in the country that he had decided that life was a series of Focus and Distractions. He wasn't sure is at that point he was on a Focus or begining or end a Distraction.

Some things you never forget.

This is a short piece written in my words but as I would imagine his voice, the telling of his journey,
This is the Story of a Man.


The country of my birth is passing slowly. It was crowded with the downcast frowns of the people who drudged through their lives until they were buried and they left nothing.

In the country of my birth, there were those that could smile and dance and they owned things. They thought they smiled because they had things and so I wanted things. I wanted to smile. I wanted to dance.
And then I met a woman. The woman taught me that there was more than just having things and singing and dancing. What made the song, what stirred the soul to truly dance wasn't things: it was joy.

And I learned Joy. I learned in all of the compelixity of having things (and I had many) nothing would lighten my foot or brighten my face like the feeling of Joy. It was one of the lessons shared from my mate, the sound I heard in the laughter of my children and it even flowed from the forests I wandered through. When I opened my heart, it filled with joy.

It was what had been missing.

I spread the joy to those around me. I spread the joy to my children. And in return, I was given more joy, more smiles and I witnessed many dancing, many singing. I heard a different sound than just the pounding of the drums. I heard joy of spirit. I learned from those around me and by my actions, just by being filled with the peace of joy, I changed the world I lived in and filled the spirits of those around me.

The people of the country of my birth were still there. Some had many things.Some had few things and still the light in their eyes and on their faces was muddied and dull. The wealthy ones still danced and sang and even smiled but they missed important ingredients to life: They had passed on joy, they waddled passed love, they never even found gratitude. And their drums just thudded, their music monotone and their smiles where simply thinly painted on the shallowest of forms made with the weakest of broth. They had failed to soar.

Today, I will dance, without even a whisper, the joy will stream from me and those around me will fill with the spirit that spills from my full goblet.

I still come from a crowded little country, a speck in the universe. I am still surrounded by those lost with much, or lost with nothing. My path is different. I seek the sparks and the fire