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Friday, August 22, 2014

We have a much bigger problem than one dead Black kid in the street

There has been a bucketload of mis-information on both sides and we all pay the price. The lies that have been presented just fill the realities of this situation that we have created.
Michael Brown being shot and killed is not the problem. Michael Brown attacking a police officer and busting his eye is not the problem.
Even a dead body of a dead criminal laying in the middle of a busy street for 5 hours is not the problem.
Michael Brown happens everyday. Michael Brown involved violently with Police happens Coast to Coast.
Officer Wilson caught up in White & Black Rage is a situation that happens every day.
We have a much deeper problem than Michael Brown and Officer Wilson. Sorry, but they are just pawns in the Hate Play we have all written and produced..
. We have a problem that will take a decade to fix. We have an Anger/hate/racist/gun/fear/murder/drug/oppresion issue that we have to begin a true dialogue on. We have a bigger problem than what the Community Organizers can fix with Rah Rah Rah Ferguson...Love everyone Street Fairs.

The Riots in the streets, with people from around the country was not because of Michael Brown. It was a fuse, a fuse that lit a bomb that threathens to destroy this nation. A fuse that has brought this American Nation to its economic knees, because face it:We have a Kenyan, Socialist Nazi, Community Organizing President.!
I am going to the Temple and for once in my life, I am going to pray that this country that I love is saved from the hate and anger that fills our nightly news, our social media and the scared white and black faces on every street in every town across this country.

Pray, don't pray, but somehow we need to work on fixing a big problem or we won't have a American experiment in Democracy any longer.

We have so much work to do. Start by saving the children