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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A White Guy is confused about Ferguson, Outsiders, the Bill of Rights and just too much!


Everyone has weighted in on Ferguson. Someone on the news said there were 2 Fergusons: One was a group of local Ferguson protestors, and the other, the provocateurs from outside the area.

I think the Ferguson locals, frustrated at the killing of yet again another Black youth by the Police, carry signs, link arms and march in peace. There are seeking the control over the local police force to stop killing their children.

I think the second group of provocateurs, of outsiders, people not from Ferguson tend to be the more violent rock throwing, looting, screaming, Screw Peace : I'm pissed" demonstrators. They are from around the country and they are adding to the crushing blows between both groups and the Police forces.

I think the third out of control group in Ferguson is an over militarized Police Force, who stir it up, just by showing up. Where some throw gang signs, these guys throw Gas Grenades. Gas Grenades in Ferguson, Mo. Has it really come to that?

Another group is the News. Hey, this sells soap, this sells cars. This is news and they want the story, the angle, the 15 second sound byte. Come on. They have a Newsstation to run and make a profit on!

As I am sitting here, I thought of another group at Ferguson" the rest of us...What ever side we fall on, whichever team we support, whatever we scream from our living rooms, we make up a group. A big group. An "I am not driving to Ferguson, Mo and standing in the street and marching even though I think it is wrong that people are being killed around the country by Police" or the "Let's crack a few more heads" Group. Those people scream that they want their country back. We know what those people want.

Reporters and Police are saying it is wrong that there are people from outside Ferguson. Police want to say that outsiders are breaking the calm of Ferguson. Yet the Police lines are filled with people from outside Ferguson, the National Guard Troops are not from Ferguson, the Reporters are not from Ferguson.

What about them? Should they leave?

Are any people from outside Ferguson frustrated and anger that people are being killed on the street every day by the police? Is Ferguson just a Powder Keg waiting to explode? (Not to give this anymore creedence, but when they had that "tea throwing into the Harbor, no taxation without representation thing in Boston", where all of those people from Boston?

I think there are many Fergusons, many factors here. There is a rage being expressed by the people that go far beyond the boundaries of the hamlet of Ferguson.

There are many angry Americans filled with rage over many issues. Killing unarmed police without fear of retribution or punishment by the Police, is just one source of rage.

Another thought. The police Chief said that the protest must move, must walk and can not stop and the protesters can not group. Where are all of the Constitutional Rights People, waving their right to own an arsenal of automatic weapons?
What happened to the Bill of Rights and the very First Amendment: Our right to Assemble? Not our right to stroll or walk and sing Kumbaya or We shall overcome, but our right to assemble. Come on people that wave the Constitution, time to start joining your brothers on the line (Oh, they're Black...sorry).

Of course no one wants violence. No one want looting. No one wants to see dead people in the street. Of course the police would want the "outsiders to go home. Makes the others easier to control. But this is not a Ferguson problem, or a Missouri problem or even a Southern problem.

This is an American problem. If you want to stop outsiders, you had better stop broadcasting to the evening news in Newport Beach or Nashville or New York City. You had better keep out the FBI, the DOJ and the President. Or you can admit this is not just a Ferguson problem and it involves the entire country.

And I hope that all of those White gun owners, waving their automatic weapons in Applebee's and Walmart, bacause they have to protect themselves against an oppresive Government, better take a close look at the munitions and equipment that has come down on the Protestors. And realize they had better figure out some other way to fix the problem other than waveing their auto members in public. They had better figure out to how to vote and speak up and change through our Democratic means because their guns will not even stand up against a police force of one little midwestern city.

Anybody remember the Police Troops and munitions that were pulled off the shelf and run down the street in Boston looking for the terrorist invasion?

Done... Thoughts?