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Friday, September 5, 2014

The Lies, the deaths, the crumbling of Democracy


Anyone who agrees with Fox News that War Criminal Bush could tell the future of what would happen in Iraq if we withdrew has been mislead.

Anyone that does not see how the American Treasury was raided and for generations of  Americans to come, blood soaked dollars will fill the vaults of the Corporations that profited from this slaughter and then run and set up fake companies on foreign soil to avoid paying taxes has been mislead.

The money is gone, our Democracy is in shambles,  the infrastructure of our country crumbles, but it is the lost lives of our children and their children that is the real crime.

These represent ONLY reported civilian deaths:

Annual civilian deaths since 2003 (counting from 20 March–19 March each year):

14,007 in year one
12,001 in year two
17,026 in year three
31,418 in year four
20,930 in year five
7,829 in year six
4,747 in year seven
4,133 in year eight
4,433 in year nine
4250 in year ten

"Nearly half a million people have died from war-related causes in Iraq since the US-led invasion in 2003, according to an academic study published in the United States on Tuesday. (1)

That toll is far higher than the nearly 115,000 violent civilian deaths reported by the British-based group Iraq Body Count, which bases its tally on media reports, hospital and morgue records, and official and non-governmental accounts"

These 500,000 were democratized, sent to their maker, while the War Criminals raked in billions of dollars from a faked war. The only ones that paid were the people of Iraq (who paid with their lives and continue to do so by being slaughtered in the vacuum we created) and the people of America, (who have suffered the loss of warrior children, billions for social programs, a complete decay of our infrastructure and virtual elimination of our rights as American citizens!)

Yes, the War Criminals Bush, Cheney et. al, began this bloody fiasco.

"The Bush Administration later sought an agreement with the Iraqi government, and in 2008 George W. Bush signed the U.S.–Iraq Status of Forces Agreement. It included a deadline of 31 December 2011, before which "all the United States Forces shall withdraw from all Iraqi territory". (2)

The Men and Women that commited these crimes on the people of Iraq, will never face a prison door and that is wrong. 

The Men and Women who allowed the rape of the U.S, so that that their Corporate friends would prosper will never face a prison door and that is wrong.

The Men and Women that killed and maimed so many of our youth for lies and greed, will never face a prison door and that is wrong. 

I agree that Obama is complicit, by not allowing the World Court to seek justice and by not pulling us out of this bloody horribly wrong slaughter. He should have "stayed the course" and continued to seek Bin Laden and the maniacs responsible for 9/11 and other attacks, but not at the cost of thousands of our own, 10's of thousands of their civilians and the empowering of the lunatics that have risen to take the place of Saddam.


(1)  IBC