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Saturday, June 27, 2015

How long do we dance?

Yesterday I heard a national radio announcer say "Enough!, Enough celebration. I don't care. We are past it. Let it go. Get married but let it go! No more dancing around that you won! Wave your flags. Tear other flags down. Lets get on with it. Isn't this a great country"

Obviously this announcer had never lived in a country where his freedoms were repressed, where his beliefs never impacted how he was to act. His skin color never kept him from a rental house or a bathroom and gathered stares as he wanted through a Macy's.

If he had, he would have waved his flag and danced his dance and his heart would have been filled with joy instead of saying...come on...lets just move on.

Some of these groups have never had healthcare, never lived in a country were a confedarate flag was not flying overhead, never had been able to publically been able to profess their love with a marriage license.

At least give them until Sunday night to dance in celebration. 2 1/2 days of Celebration in exchange for 40-50 years or more of oppression and fear sounds fair.

Now dance and color something rainbow and until Sunday night , be proud!