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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Hate Bubble

The Hate Bubble

It exists. It is everywhere. It is liberal. It is conservative. It is extremist. It is right wing, left wing, Reaganites, Clintonites. It is in the past and it is the future.

We have to deal with in.

It is wrong.

I got involved in a posting on Facebook. Not my circus, not my monkeys, but I had to jump in.
What followed was stronger and stronger rhetoric that eventually led to vulgarity and most of all hate.

Here is a recap from this posting: (Please excuse the images and language)

Remember that HATE exists big time. Hate degenerates quickly. Hate get Vulgar and painful and hurts quickly.
Remember to expose Hate. Neutralize Hate and do what you can to make Hate a non-issue in this Country. We are American and we were not founded by Hate, of Hate or in Hate. We were founded in Love of Freedom, Love of Expression and Love of Liberty.

  •  John, I need to dig up more information on this before I comment. I do know that matters of racism are still a hot button in this nation. I'm actually growing tired of it, because we, as the mightiest country on earth, can't seem to get past this hurdle. Racism DOES exist...but everything isn't attributed to racism. There ARE racist people...but not everyone is racist. The media DOES put out and keep BS going, sometimes, too. I just get sick of it all...
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  • Stuart Welch Doesn't matter Don. Obama (President of the United States, twice elected) and Rep. Corrine Brown (D-Fla) are the same person. Here he is just in drag. He controls every Non-white voice in America.
    True Up!
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  • John Tygart Don, we will never get past it until everyone involved is ready to tell the truth. And from what I have seen certain people ain't ready to be honest yet
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  • Stuart Welch Certain People...
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  • John Tygart Yes, like the ones still repeating the lie of "hands up don't shoot" which was proven false....
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  • John Tygart Or the ones saying "you only oppose obama because he is black"...... those people
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  • John Tygart Or the silly bitch in the story I posted
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  • Stuart Welch You are right. It is a matter of Faith. I don't suppose anyone actually lived in a whale or survived a great flood. Hands Up don't shoot, although maybe, maybe not in the Michael Brown tale, certainly tells a story. Pretty sure that action happen here ...See More
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  • John Tygart I don't have to respect anyone, including odumbo. Bush was twice elected and he was treated like trash by the media and leftists everywhere. No to mention I had 12 years in uniform earning the right to my own opinion. I don't respect Obama AT ALL and wouldn't piss in that fool if he was on fire to put it out. I hated gore too, and horse face Kerry and if I had my way Hillary Clinton would be in jail.
  • John Tygart Oh yeah people of color are murdered every day..... By other people of color. Yet no one seems to give a shit about one riots over all the kids shot in Chicago. But yeah let's rally round the cause of a thug that robbed a store and attacked a cop.....
    John Tygart Gtfohwts
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