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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Please Help us on our Journey. We have 1 week left!

Good Saturday Morning dear Blog Friends and family,

Time for an update of where we are in our project with a little less than a week to go. We are so close and very excited!

As many of you know, each year Evil F. Bunny and I head over to a lakebed east of Reno, to recharge my creative batteries at a place called The Playa, a city called Black Rock that culminates in an event called The Burn. It is a truly amazing event, surrounded by tens of thousands of creative people, but this year we need your help to make the journey. 

The last couple of years have been a little rough on our 'umble abode, but we somehow have managed. I still try to write, mostly monologues on-line, opinions on my blog and recently my screenplay was resurrected. 

Like you, I have many projects going. And like you, I have had to sacrifice some writing to scrape enough to keep the lights on, etc.

Well it seems we are over the hump of life. Evil F. Bunny is on the mend after Spine Surgery # 4. She even exercised the other day. I am writing more and have fewer worries. There are still challenges. We all have them.

And as a further update, one of our Camp was in the hospital in Kuala Lumpur and is getting better, but it was touch and go and she is in all of our spirit thoughts! She is an incredible person from Oz (down Under!)

 I started a Kickstarter to help me get my money we  need to get to the Playa, set up a project where we can actively take part in the Community.

We have raised nearly over $1200 and I have a goal of $2000 to get there, set up, (get my health license from the state of Nevada) and much more. 
We have less than 7 days to make my goal. If I don't make it, all the money I have collected goes back to the donors. It has to be funded at 100% or more to come to me.

We have raised more money than is shown because some wonderful people have chosen to send us checks, that I will add to the total as we get closer!

Please help if you are able.

I will take all help. I have some incentives from my own gallery as incentives. (The amazing thing about this process is that I have received donations from people we have never met. They just saw our Kick Starter.
Help get us back to the Playa. Evil F. Bunny & I thank you.