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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Thank God, the Bad Guys you can spot didn't get you for $300...meanwhile what about the rest?

I wrote a few mornings ago that an evil prankster had tried to rip me off potentially because they wanted to send me more money for an item I was selling, and then sight unseen,  their movers would show up, take the item and leave while I paid them with the extra money. Then they would cancel their payment to Paypal and I would be out the furnishing and the cost to the movers…

I received so many “Whews” from loving people, glad that I had not fallen victim to these scamsters that seem to plague our Internet Universe. People shared that they had been ripped off many times this way, to be careful of Craigslist and other Sale postings on the Internet.

Common sense and the old adage of if it is too good, it probably is. And then double the red flags if they want to do it fast.

At this point, we have all been warned of the Ethiopian Prince, who will pay you a million to leave his wealth in your account while he leaves the revolution in his country or the generous benefactor who has mysteriously left you his tremendous fortune.

Everyone I know would see these e-mails, chortle and hit delete. They would not be so stupid as to fall for that. Somehow even with everyone knowing this is a scam, the “Bad Guys” made off with over 9.3 BILLION in a recent year. Just one e-mail scam in 2013 reported that people had lost over 5 million dollars in one scam.

               “EARLIER THIS YEAR, thousands of people checked their e-mail and found a surprise: An American                soldier needed help, and there was something in it for them. Their correspondent was a sergeant     stationed in Iraq, he explained. He had accumulated millions in hundred-dollar bills—the older ones           being phased out by the Treasury—from the cash brought into the country by the American occupation.            The soldier needed to launder this money, fast, and needed a stateside bank account to do it. In return        for a cut of the total, could he use yours?

But this is not about e-mail scams or Craigslist scams. Those are cheesy and we need a bit of greed and have a lack of clear thinking if we fall victim.

This is about the fraud and scams that infect EVERYTHING else around us.

I went to a Lawyer the other day and mentioned another Lawyer name. He cited example after example of why this Lawyer is losing his license, defrauding millions of dollars and may end up in prison…

I hear about “Angie’s List” on TV commercials and they stress that they take no money from the  people and service companies that are recommended by users. Except when you check the Internet and BBB and see that they are being sued and sued and you have to pay to be mentioned on their “free” info list. It is a scam.

The No-No Hair Removal…Horrible ratings, never works, they don’t retrn money like they promised. They advertise all the time (like Angie’s List) .Scam!

Collapsible hose: leaks and drips and cracks: SCAM

Liposene weight loss: scam!

Don’t believe me on this stuff. They are figuring you will not check them out.



Politicians say we are going to do this, they don’t and do the reverse. They say they are voting down some legislation but it is not because of the inherent bad legislation, it is because their little pet project was not included as a buy-off-bribe for their vote.

Politician are paid by Lobbyists and Companies by the millions so that regulations will get blocked, new drugs and products are approved and the Share-holders are blocked and safeguarded for a drop in stock value.

Scam Scam Scam.

And a scam that happens on both sides. Scams that cost this Country millions, billions and trillions of dollars and cost each and everyone of us tens of thousands to pay for this scam and the fleecing we readily accept.

Iraqi’s and Saddam have YELLOW CAKE and they will make bombs…SCAM!

And millions of lives and trillions of dollars later in loss and greed and it is a scam.

I head a talking head on the News: Hillary Clinton spent 30 days in the hospital (she spent 7) and she is wearing glasses that someone with brain damage wears. Did she suffer brain damage? She she pull from the Presidential race because she has brain damage? And then the same talking head 5 days later says adamantly “I never said she had BRAIN DAMAGE”…He is the say talking head that wrote to the President “Lie enough to the people and the lie becomes the truth…”

Sounds like a scam to me. And it happens on both sides.

How do you protect yourself? All these well-meaning people who said “Thank God” you were not scammed by those bad people on Craigslist and yet every day, we buy products that are lies,  drugs that are lies, pay elected officials that are lies and all the while I am protecting myself from losing $300,., the real big criminals are scam raping me and my Country  and our Citizens for untold Billions.

 How many products have you purchased that didn’t work at all? But it was too much hassle to take them back? How much food was just sucked by you and you just accepted the commercial, didn’t eat it or choked it down pretending you had not been scammed.

When I started to think about it, it was hard not to see where we were not actively being scammed.

I hope I can tell the difference between scam and opinion. I hope I can find something that is not a scam meant to separate me from my untold wealth.

I suspect a mountain view or watching waves rolling, clouds gather or waterfalls would hard to be considered a scam. Maybe that is the point…

Let me know.