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Friday, June 20, 2014

A Fund Raising Request to bring us back home to Black Rock City for another year.

A Fund Raising Request to bring us back home to Black Rock City- Click Here!

As all of my Blog friends, festival friends and just friends everywhere we know, the journey we make each year to Black Rock City and Burning Man is important to us.

So much has stood in our way this year, but the clouds are separating and we can see light! It does appear to be a flame.

I found a certain magic on the Playa, surrounded by incredibly creative people from around the world, and look forward to making another journey to Black Rock City again this year. But a couple of years of health nasties for the Evil F. Bunny and I have drained the coffers.

This is a special year for us. Not only is Evil F. Bunny (my main squeeze and wife) better and anxious to walk the Playa, but two of our sons are joining us as well as many from last year's camp.

It was my middle son Zac, who came up with the plan last year as we inched toward the gate on the final day, to provide as much Iced Tea and Baked Goodies to any that passed us! He said he just HAD to do something on his next trip to Black Rock City to contribute to the magic.

But we are asking for your help this year to get there and we are offering wonderful items as incentives, hugs, love and of course, Evil F. Bunny's own special brand of Art, her baked yummies.

 Please help us this year, spread the word, spread the campaign and help us make our journey.
Thank you all!

Baked Yummies on the Playa- Click here!