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Monday, December 9, 2013

The last time this happened!

Yah know....the last time Evil F. Bunny bought me an apple fritter, took me dancing, gave me a drink and bought me chicken...I ended up in the hospital in San Diego for 7 days---dead!
Unless of course I am in Hell and have an internet connection for this blog post...

Friday, she bought me a Apple fritter (which I stole nibbles of but she kept catching me with little bits of glaze in my greying beard
,) took me dancing at a great Rock for Tots event, bought me a drink and then fed me a bowl of some GREAT chicken soup in WeHo (West Hollywood if you are not in the know!) 

After which, I dropped the tired and elderly Evil F. Bunny at the hotel and went to a free BurnLA event, loaded with music, frantic dancing women in all sorts of strange dancing attire (leather sleepwear, who would have thought to sleep in leather...and enough lace to start a shop in Brussels). Many of these women, must have mistaken me for some other big bearded guy wearing black and red and sitting in a chair (like Santa) because I was sitting in one of the many over-stuffed chairs, enjoying the artwork and lights on the cavernous floors and ceiling, intently watching the fire-dancers when a line began to form to sit on my lap. 

...We discussed a variety of topics and events from the Playa and I found myself talking about the first thing that popped up and of course all of the wonderful people at Camp Serendipity.

I want to post I am not in the hospital, near death, unless this is hell and I have an internet connection here!