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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Quick...Someone take a picture!

Someone take a picture!

To capture a moment, to catch smiles
Dozens of new family hap-hazard mix
Emptied both hither and yon to gather
To think, to be able to look back.
Remember what a year it has been?
I am Thankful. I give Thanks. I have Gratitude.

First, I am still alive and most of the same people chat-talking with me last year,

Still share with me this year.
Few are gone; few chose to be there, few offered little resistance
because it was time 
and I am Thankful.
I am Thankful for that.
Being alive is important and beats any alternative for me, today.
I can’t predict next Thanksgiving, I can’t predict tomorrow,
But I made it to today and I am filled with the Gratitude that joy brings.

Someone take a picture.
Happy Thanksgiving

(I thought about random writing random blurbs from random commercials or even copying the words of others. Instead, I saw these words floating past and I grabbed at many of them.)