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Thursday, November 21, 2013

He was just some Politician

     A long time ago, somewhere during the '80, somewhere in a late night grocery line in a late night North Dallas Grocery was what looked like some scary nightmare of a old woman's face, smeared-overdone with inches of make-up and curled tossles of hair piled high on her head and dripping with the gaudiest of diamond sparkle.

     She was overdressed for the line at the late night grocery, she was over dressed for buying a bundle of lime green toilet paper.

     It was late November night and the lady was Mary Kay or Mary Kay Ash. 

     In a loud voice so that all in fifty feet would hear, she was announcing to the late night grocery clerk

     "I just don't know what the big fuss is about this man", she said in a drawl of moneyed Texas. "He was just some politician, that was goin' through town and got himself shot."

     The man was President John F. Kennedy and I never forgot the man that lead our country to its' greatest days nor did I forget the words of Mary Kay. 

I have not worn eye shadow, lip gloss, cheek rouge or any Mary Kay product since that day!