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Friday, January 8, 2016

The Widow of the American Sniper, Gun Control and the President

Sort of ironic that the widowed wife of a man that had over 250  sniper "kills" of people spoke out in the contrary with the American President
Chris Kyle was a sniper, a soldier who took the lives of people that may or may not have been involved in a war we should never have sent out children to fight. Right or wrong, war or not, she was the widow of the most violence man that single-handedly killed the most people. What was wrong was that her husband was killed by someone suffering from PTSD from a war the murderer never left.
The President's attempt to limit gun sales to the mentally handicapped may have saved her husband. But the widow spoke out in the contrary with the American President

Funny that she was so in the bubble that when the President said over and over that his enforcements of laws already on the books, would not impact her ability to own or buy guns one iota. She could have all the guns she wanted. No one was coming to take them away.

There is no conspiracy to seize guns from those that follow the law.

She only heard the shrill wails of those inside the Bubble. She failed to translate correctly the reality of what our President was saying.