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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Fear They sowed will be the Fear They Reap

So many Pundits are confused why Donald Trump has a double digit lead in the Polls over his nearest contender.

So many members of the Republican Party hierarchy are confused why Donald Trump has a double digit lead in the Polls over his nearest contender.

And his numbers keep growing. After his announcement, after his news conferences, after his first debate, his lead continues to expand.

Someone seems to forget one important fact. Even though Mr. Trump is not a perfect Republican candidate, with his head up the moneyed butt of some Billionaire like the other flock of contenders, he is a shrewd businessman. While every night on the news the talking head has said that the people polled preferred canker sores on their lips then the U.S. Congress and their performance in D.C.. The Public absolutely hated all of the shenanigans that the Evening News carried on the actions of our elected officials. He listened to the plaintive wail of the white masses of America “WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!”

He did what a successful businessman is supposed to do. He listened. As much as we didn’t want to hear it, he told the truth that we wanted to hear. In fact, it may not have even been the truth…but it is what we wanted to hear about the idiots in Washington, the Gangs of Raping, Drug Selling, Murderous Illegal Aliens flooding Main Street.

He listened and he told them that story. He gave them the product they wanted. He was their Big Mac, their 5 dollar pizza, their WalMart. He admitted he bought and sold politicians. He admitted that he was rich…real rich…real Billionaire rich.

And he spoke and they listened and his numbers grew.

And what the parties failed to realize was that he grew with the people and not as a Republican or as a Democrat or as a politician, but his popularity grew because he listened.

And they are starved like children to be listened to. They are starved for attention like a uncontrollable child.

And until the Party realizes that they are not supporting a Republican, he is beyond their control because he doesn’t need Billionaires or lobbyists or major Corporations because he is already all of those things. They are in trouble because they had been scared since no matter what they said Mrs. Clinton had already been chosen as our next President. And now they live in fear of one of their own.
So the Republicans that sowed the seeds of FEAR, find FEAR to be the only crop they can harvest. They lived in FEAR of President Obama. They lived in FEAR of Hillary Clinton and now they live in FEAR of their own ranks. They fear The Donald. They are paralyzed that if they try and quell this FEAR that he will leave their house and form his own Party and they walk a thin, thin line of FEAR..and FEAR leads to confusion and FEAR leads to looking so foolish to History.

They are so afraid and filled with FEAR that they that he will crush them that no one sees the real enemy: Bernie Sanders.

They accept Mr. Trump’s ranting bluster and Hillary wins, they cut him down and he goes on to form his own party and Hillary wins.

And the crowds keep growing around Bernie Sanders…

What will be interesting is what lies, faked scandals, creative re-telling of history, garbling of their spoken words, will the Party come up with to try and stain The Donald and the Hillary. Writers and Screen Play Writers take note: Amazing fiction you could never imagine is about to emerge.

And silently, without even the Media present, the crowds keep growing around Bernie Sanders…