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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

They are stealing Truth and Selling Crap on your Airwaves!

They are stealing Truth and Selling Crap on your Airwaves!

Just because you are unaware of something does not mean it does not exist!

Driving home from the market yesterday, a talk show came on our car radio.
It was the Dana Show, featuring a brilliant talk show host out of Dallas Texas, who was disputing the impact of micro beads on our open waters, fish, and a major pollutant. Because of micro size of the micro bead, it easily passes through water filters and into our water supply.

Micro beads are found now everywhere. Microbeads are polyethylene microspheres that are widely used in cosmetics as exfoliating agents and personal care products such as toothpaste.
They exist. The Talk Show Host said that since there were no published studies on the impact of micro beads on our environment (it must not have been covered on Sponge Bob Square Pants)

There have been numerous studies for a dozen years on micro beads and their impact on the environment.
But this is not about micro beads. This a short scream piece about some other clown polluting our airwaves with lies and fear and not even half truths. This not a matter of disagreeing with someone’s political view. This about just one more joker, putting out one more bucket of crap for the public to swim around in.
Dana Loesch of Dallas, Texas, blamed the Liberals for one more bit of legislation to strangle our liberties. It would not be so bad, but she lied to make her point OR she went on the air without the benefit of five minutes of research to find out if what she was slopping out to her nationwide audience was even true or not.
Now, in coffee shops and gas stations around the country, men and women are standing around, thankful that they live in Mississippi or Iowa or North Carolina because they didn’t have any damn Liberals around trying to take their guns, their freedom and their god-dern toothpaste!

She finished by saying that it was a plot to get us to buy more expensive chemical exfoliates to burn off our dead skin.

This short little blog post asks one favor: Do your homework.
Everybody that makes a stand on media: check it out.
Every bit of garbage that they try to push on Media: Check it out.

You will be amazed what you will learn. Keep Truth around for just a while longer!

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