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Friday, May 22, 2015

Bikers in Waco, Wacko Cartoonists in Garland. Are dangerous precedents unfolding?

Gawd….this can be a confusing world!

Eggs or Egg white, Splenda or Equal, fat-free and flavorless or fat and flavor. Republican…Democrat…Cruz or Rand or Carson or Paul or Perry or Rubio or Trump.
Facebook, Instagram or Twitter…

I really can’t decide.

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the dilemma of having to damn the Muslim crazy Extremists who murdered the journalists and illustrators of Charlie Hebdo for violently suppressing the freedoms of expression and speech while at the same time being forced to support the hate mongers of the American Freedom Defense Initiative who drew out a new batch of Phoenix extremists and lead them to their death on the streets of Garland Texas.
Both groups were creating caricatures of the prophet Mohammed and both groups were threatened by mis-guided gunmen.

It is similar for many to follow the path of a woman’s right to chose or the life of a fetus. Not an easy decision. A difficult choice for many.
Well once again, the News Media presents us with a scenario that may leave us shaking our heads if we supply it just a little bit o’brain juice.

First and foremost, before beginning this discussion, I do not support Biker Gangs, I do not support their activities, I do not support their violent and blood expression of hate, drug sales, on and on and on.
Anyone following the news is aware that in Waco Texas last weekend on May 17th, hundreds of motorcycle gang members representing three primary gangs, The Banditos, the Cossacks, the Scimitars and at least six other secondary motorcycle gangs.

Whether it was over a parking spot in a mall or one biker rolling over the foot of another, nine bikers were killed in the ensuing melee and well over eighteen who suffered a variety of fight related injuries. Although not being confirmed, it is being released that the majority of the bikers both killed and wounded, fell at the guns of the police on the scene.
Regardless, what followed is what bothers me:

*“Police in Waco, Tex., said Monday they had arrested 170 people after a shootout involving multiple biker gangs at a restaurant that left at least nine people dead.
While investigators worked to piece together precisely what happened on Sunday, authorities said they remained alert after receiving threats of possible retaliation against police officers after the chaotic brawl.
The sea of people arrested were charged with engaging in organized criminal activity, which is a capital murder charge due to the number of victims, Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton, a Waco police spokesman, said at a news conference Monday.”

OK, seems rational enough…except when you put into some other context or “what if” scenario especially after the shooting of the two Muslim extremists killed in Garland.

The police rounded up 170 bikers, charged each with capital murder as a result of organized criminal activity and each are being held on a one million dollar bail.
My question: What if shootings had taken place on domestic soil between rival Sunni and Shiite clerics? What if a shootings took place at a black rap concert or outside a synagogue or in any one of many places around the country.
How would the country have responded if two hundred Muslims sporting turbans and robes or hundreds of Evangelicals gathered outside an Abortion Clinic to burn it down and watch the doctors and nurses and patients scream in burning torment?

Would they have been scooped up en masse, thrown in jail, charged with a million dollar bail to be released until the police could “sort it all out” and keep only the truly guilty in custody until their trial?

Now granted these are Motorcycle Gangs and several of the members had been on FBI watch lists for decades of murder and misdeeds, but the FBI must keep lists of Eco-Terrorist Groups, religious extremists and zealots, Black September, Aryan Nation, Bloods, Crips, Klu Klux Klan, Nazi’s, black hate groups, white hate groups and many more. There might even be a Tea Party list on the dreaded Blogger’s group. Heaven forbid if any of these group met up for any reason, a shoot out occurred and BLAM…precedent SET… arrest all of them.

Again, I don’t think these are models of society. I do not support their lifestyle not would I care to met up with many or ANY of them on a deserted dirt road or empty parking lot downtown. But…do I have a growing concern that the police (with our support) are shooting people, setting traps to kill (not stun and arrest) and arresting large groups.

The answer, I believe is…yes. As much as I dislike the Nazi’s and Aryan Nation and the Banditos, they do have a right to exist in America assuming that they observe our legal system. Just as long as those meant to enforce our legal system do their part as well.

This could be a dangerous precedent. Imagine the possible political implications to “round up all of the demonstrators” if a bottle is tossed or shot are fired or flags you don’t support or agree with are waved in your face.

Time will tell where this goes.

*excerpt ww.washingtonpost,com May 18th, 2015.