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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Continued Rant about the Failure of a Festival

Sorry this is a continuation of a Festival rant about a Festy that starts tomorrow.
I held back until today.

I finally wrote to someone on Facebook as Lucidity failed to allow a similar post as they said I would be ashamed to be a liar.

I don't regret these words.

Only read if you are interested in Festivals This is not condeming all festivals:just ones that rip off their attendees shamelessly in the name of Transitional and Hypsterism!

Dear Festival Guy,
I have held back writing any further about a Vendor Soaked, Hypster Populated Festival that Lucidity Festival has evolved into.

But I feel I must say something.

First, I have been to Lucidity every year since the beginning. At the conclusion of the first year, I wrote to their management and said they had a fine location, a good selection of music and attracted a fun group of Festival people. But they should let Burning Man be Burning Man. They did not need to copy it or any festivals but to develop their own festival personality.
But each year, it continued it's downward slide.
Last year was my final visit to this event. My friends and large Festival family said that it had evolved not into a Transitional Even they boasted of, but of a "Hypster Vendor Swap Meet"
I was amazed how the Vendor area (and I have no problems with Vendors, I am a Vendor) had grown and grown and grown and even has overlapped into the camping area with $110 Hair Sculpting and $ Free Donation Required Massages
People wandered through the crowded camping area hawking bits f stone and jewelry, set up OJ stands at crossroads and just overwhelmed campers with their Hyp Totem-ness.

Even though they had 4-5 stages, they allowed other groups to set up IN THE CAMPING AREA, their own stages, their own vending, galleries and large dance areas. In the mean time, people that had paid for car passes and camping were either denied entry or forced to camp in postage stamp patches of grass and mud (I have been attending festivals for 25-30 years so I am aware of festivals.
They forced 10-15 tents into a space that should have held 5 tents.

And since they schedule at the same time as Coachella festival, many many many of their performers are drawn exclusively from the Santa Barbara, Goleta area. All of the bigger EDM names had been pulled off to Coachella. They did manage to have a couple of EDM performers with a draw outside of the immediate area (Polish Ambassador and Thriftworks) But sadly most of their music is lackluster.

When I issued my comments last year, I was told first that "You are not right for our sort of Festival" and later I was told that I would prefer attending Coachella.  Later I was told that they would not post my comment in a open forum, because i would be ashamed that I had lied.
I stand by every word I say. I have other previous attendees who will confirm my every word.

I continue to receive almost daily hawkings of Lucidity pants, shirts, skirts, Lucidity Yoga pants and accessories and invitation to pay events where I can align my chakra and learn to transform.
The hustle for the buck (and I am not a Communist by any means) is disgusting, spammy, excessive and I feel it is a rip off to the Festival Community.

Just a quick note and opinion.