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Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 10th Facebooks Posts. Just letting you know how much time i waste...

I was wordy today but I wanted to capture some of the posts and what I said.


First the original post, then my response.


My response:

 I agree and thank god, they are not in my neighborhood ( ) , but hundreds of companies that are driven by profits, driven by a bottom line, are going to follow the same path as Hobby Lobby. (to save their souls from damnation even while their products are constructed by slave labor in foreign lands and they have 401 Investments portfolios that include companies that make contraceptives. One action saves their souls and money, the other action makes them money!)
We can boycott Eden and Hobby Lobby today (no problem...) we might even boycott the other FIFTY companies that are going after the same sexist backwards exclusions in the name of God, but what about when it is 100 companies or 1000 companies. How do we navigate a minefield like that without supporting this kind of crap.

We must fix the problem. We must fix the laws. We must remove those ignorant fools that allow this type of hypocrisy and backward thinking in our society.
I know someone who struggles to purchase gasoline for their car because of all of the leaks and cover-ups and environmental damage etc etc. and they can't in good conscious go to a B.P station or any affliates because it is supporting an institution they don't believe in. I get that,
But shouldn't we fix the problem? I don't know...should healthcare be single payer and out of the hands of businesses to sign up? Should Insurance companies be shut down, because they are not a value-add to the proposition. Should all profit be eliminated from healthcare?
I don't have the answer but I know that a group of fools have opened floodgates that will force us to walk around with a list of the 235 companies that we can NOT support because of the position on religion and women's rights and slave labor and GMO's and/or some may chose to just shop at only those companies.

I don't have the answer, but I know the problem is deeper than fools like Eden and Hobby Lobby using the Bible to swarm out a few more shekels...
Sorry for the long-winded response.

New Post:

Today is one of those days where I'm so tired I could sleep all day then still be tired at night.
Annnnd that's exactly what I've done.

 Reduce your sweets, cut out sodas, put your body clock on a normal schedule, reduce fried foods and carbs. Wake up early and move away from the bed. Only go to bed to sleep. No reading or interneting in bed (Change the majority of Teen behaviours!) Exercise through walking or just sleep (and miss the Changing of the Guards!)

New Post:

Stefon is officially a kindergartner! — with Marquita Corbett Singleton.
I have seen that walk down the Kindergarten Hall three times. And before you know it, there will be dates, the borrowing of cars, music that you will never understand. It is 25 plus tears later and I am the father of three men that I am very proud of. I went through hell, I had to say things about what they ate and who they hung with and why Snoop Dog might not have been the best choice for a 13 year old, but we all made it. I had to remind all 3 that Parent was a noun and a VERB. (I said that a lot!)
Treasure this day, because a big part of the journey headed down the linoleum hall.
New Post:
After joking on my blog today about my students finding snakes in their cockroach traps, this was greeting Nicky and I when we got home....


Between the giant cockroachs, the leaking Cesium, the snakes just wandering carefree around the neighbourhood, the uncooked fish, Godzilla and people running you off the sidewalk with their bikes, I am staying put!

How many times did you read this before it made you FLINCH!?


 I flinched. But I remember children saying "It really doesn't matter. They got it anyway, right?" Made me wonder a bit. I flinched because I was trained to flinch, but I got and (this is JUST a Question!) isn't that what's important?

Is they're, their, there a nuance, an affectation or is it just the message that we are trying to send out, the message that gets us saved? I just had an image of a group of people on an island and they scratched a message to searchers in the sand
"We need you're HELP, there hungry! Were dying!"

Would we be less likely to swope down and save them because there was a typo or bad grammar?
Remember this is just a question, not my belief.

Would we have gotten the message. And were those damn students of mine, right all along?

Post (Video)
Click this video link. Well worth the View!

Take a beat and watch this powerful video.
We all do this, you're doing it right now...
Response: Shared Video

Don't tell someone you "like" it, tell them you love them.

There is an irony here, even the fact that we are here, but it is part of the journey.

Enjoy and spread.
Winds in the east, mist coming in.
Like somethin' is brewin' and bout to begin.
Can't put me finger on what lies in store,
But I fear what's to happen all happened before.
and before the fury
Washes it all away
feed the birdies
a tuppence worth today.
Covered 'n secure
so they are free from the fright
and peck safe at the seedies
twill make them feel alright.
'n while they are huddled
all safe and dry,
know that around you
the mist will soon move on by..
(well maybe not this week...but soon enough!)
(Original Post is a Dick Van Dyke poetic monologue from the film Mary Poppins)
Finally a video on building a popular song.
Cute and worth the time
I made no response, but I shared this with you, because I think it is soooo tell.
Now here is the real last post. It was my post and not in response to anything. I just threw it out there.
While I am sitting here working on a confusing screenplay, I hear Wolfe saying:

"We hope that we will not have a replay of violence as we have seen in the past in this region..."

Seriously, he wants no violence.

No violence between 2000 year old enemies, means no coverage, means no advertising dollars spent on commercials, means no one glued to the Wide Screen to watch this one bomb that one. ...With Ancient Vengeance!

No violence means that the people making and selling rockets and bombs and weapons would not have made this month's Weapons Sales Budgets.

No violence means that children and mothers and old men and just people coming home from the groceriy will not be blown apart for us to be reminded of weekly, daily, hourly and by the minute as the death flies around those people on both sides are just trying to live their lives just like I am doing and you are doing right now.

No medical supplies to repair the wounded, no building supplies to repair the destroyed, no caskets to bury the dead, no EMT's to hurry 'cross the dangerous open field to retrieve those caught up in just living their lives. Grandma used to say that it was an "Ill wind that didn't blow good to someone." I don't think she was thinking halliburton or 3rd World Rogue Weapons Dealers.

No violence Wolfe...Really?...How would the economy survive?

On one hand a reporter says that the people, the babies, the grandparents of Gaza and Israel are safe as long as they don't live near anywhere where the opposing army missile might locate a place where the "enemy" congregates to speak of war and to stutter of peace. On the other hand the reporter notes that Gaza is one of the most densely populated regions of the world. I guess it is like lobbing a missile into your local mall from a hundred miles away and trying to take out a Lady Foot Locker, but don't hurt anyone at Radio Shack, the Food Court or Gymboree.

Right...No violence Wolfe...what would you talk about?
Well, experiment done and you can see here how much time I waste and how all over the board I am.

I have work to do. Why not waste some time and respond to my responds!

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