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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Unnamed by Derek von Helix

Every once in awhile, I find words people have chosen that strike a chord with me. With their permission, I ask to reprint them on my little blog.

There may be an image created, or a phrase seen from a different corner that catches my eye like when you walk through a gallery the first time or laze away an afternoon at a Vintage store to absorb all the little goodies someone has taken the time to share.

These words come from a few days ago. Derek von Helix (a warm heart cherished by the Evil F. Bunny and a Burner unbridled) shares these few words.

I love the changing of the seasons...

green leaves turning gold and orange

sunsets made longer by the grasping reach of a sun that still wants to play

the transition from playtime at festivals to creating one. 
 THE one to create
for the sake of creation

Its that time of the year guys. Let the games begin! Bwaha

Thank you Derek for letting me share.
Bryan Liscinsky © 2013