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Monday, December 30, 2013

Worlds change so quickly

12 hours ago
Colored words and anticipation of joy
Like Christmas
Scented my thoughts,

over the rattlebuzz of my old bus.
Slender white fingers
One million lights of L.A.
Sparkling like jewels
At my back....

The twinkle of Sunset Stars
And the richness of indigo
And a dream woman
In lace and velvet
And cool moss
On an ancient forest floor.

12 hours later.
Old gnarled women gumming pork rinds
and snarling at punchfist children.
Fat tattooed men
wrapped in "Born to Kill" tease
saunter to piss.
With road travelers
Screeching 'round me
Old engines sputter and roar weakly
And the color is gone.

And the dreamscape vanishes
and jeweled fairies and satin-cloaked Wizards
fade to worn grey.

And a Bunny's pain fades
For a moment, released its' grip by fitful
I need coffee to finish the trip to the desert.