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Monday, August 19, 2013

For sure, Four shoes

                                              For sure, Four shoes

Two comfort lay long side like old Lovers
Journeys oft shared, laces lost 
On some adventure night long eve-memory past before.
Paired friends, age-frayed, edges worn, and toes gray green-stained
From a million blades of dewy new grass.

Their life together, their travels on dusty roads 
Quick turn escapes on soggy fields of play
Nearing the end, stain-faded.

Yet each nick and dog-eared edge and worn corner
Holds tight a lucid memory of time shared with the wearer
Just a moment, a smile, a tear, a fear.
holding soaked in their canvas sides, the chemical of soul that slipped them on each day
cursing a devil denied and ready stepping through lives trip ride passage.

To their right, a shine glow pair, dyes bright, edges sharp ready,

New Shoes.
Colors and trim sharp defined, shape taut. 
Laces, white with anticipation of roads to run, fields to cross and dances to dance.

New Shoes!
Never to replace the old but sharing a new world, new journeys
Filled with place spaces not even dream imagined.

New Shoes 
Heading to a New World, leaving quick behind their novelty of pride and arrogance.
Hoping for a day they too lose their laces, their corners fray-age
While their colors fade to the time stain brown of untraveled roads.

New Shoes 

That hope to share a tear, a heart-beat yearn, soaking with sweat chemistry visions of world’s they want to travel through every moment.
New Shoes 

Dreaming of the day that they too will be replaced after being shapeless scarred and worn with age.

Filled with the truth of what they have seen, of roads they have traveled and of dances they have danced.

New Shoes 

Sit in excited anticipation of sometime in some future, where they rest paired to the left of new shoes.
Picture by Aaron Null of Vervor Design, but most importantly, he is an active member of Camp Ego Trip.