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Monday, April 1, 2013

I am an American

During the Civil Rights Movement, I stood side by side with Freedom marchers and felt it as the blows landed and the hate spewed from the sidewalk and the bricks and the rock and the bottles flew. The catcalls of Nigger and Nigger-Lover. I WAS A BLACK MAN.

During the Feminist Movement, I understood and supported equal pay and Women's Equality (Doesn't
make me better. It is just what I believed). Woman made up more than half the Planet and had to be held as equals, here and on the rest of the Planet. I WAS A WOMAN.. 

Now that my own Brother after being married and raising 2 beautiful daughters and with beautiful grandchildren, he has come out, he is expressing himself as a Gay Man and he is taking crap for it daily. Our Mother just died and she loved her children (Mothers are like that-Gay or not). He is not invited to her funeral, he is not invited to stay in the Family home, because he is one of those HOMOSEXUALS. I AM A GAY MAN.

Since I believe in a Woman's right to Choose, to control her body, since I don't believe that anyone has the right to insert their probes or make her watch movies or in any way try to influence decisions about her own body, and especially since I believe in the law of the land and Roe vs.Wade and no matter what roadblocks reactionaries spew and suggest and States put in the way of our Freedoms I AM AN ABORTIONIST as well!

I will not be pushed around!

I will stand up for our rights as Americans.

My own son went to war and stood bravely in harms way to defend my right to be an American. I owe him. I accept the privilege he and the thousands that have died defending our Freedoms, have extended to us with their blood.  

I do not believe in the hate we hear on the Radio and see on TV. I do not believe in FEMA Concentration Camps. I do not believe that Obama is training a secret army to round up the gun owners and right wing radicals and put them into these Concentration Camps. I do not believe our Military is being trained to kill Americans on American soil and that is why so many are quitting the Military. I do not believe that drones are going to target us.I do not believe that the Police are being trained to go door to door and round up the People that do not believe like I do.

I am a Black Man, I am a Woman, I am a Gay, I am a Right-Wing, I am a Left-Wing, I am a Gun Owner, I am an Abortionist and most of all I AM AN AMERICAN!