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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Not really sure, but  I wanted to get this down


Daylight without shadows
The temperature of the air is the same as my skin temperature
And I don't know
Where I end and the world begins.
I have no definition.

Do we have any definition in the world?
How can we believe we are so special that the Planet has a soul
and has given us a purpose.

We are just here. We exist.
We surround ourselves with the petty collection of wealth.
We surround ourselves with the petty coolection of the material.

Our only dimension comes from our memories.
I seek the memories of the future and wish to
survive not only to survive , but to experience the future and
to create the memory.

It is daylight. The light is diffused and there are no shadows.
I don't know where I end and you begin and yet I am alone.

My creating Muse has taken leave and a wait for her return.
That part of me that yearns and burns to build a scene, to make you cry,
to build a vision, To stiffen you and let you remember with a smile
is gone for now and I am waiting for her return.

I might have built a wall constructed of fear bricks and anger
with what I have let happen. I may be angry with where I am.
I tell them I am afraid to lose everything. My art, my framed paper and salts
my stuff.
My stuff. She laughs at me (she is so beautiful to me) she laughs and tells me to
let it go. It means nothing.

But today, it means everything to me and I am scared that it will be gone.