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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Excerpt from "Searching for Sunrise"

I took a few lines of what I have been writing recently.

“Ker, Ker, did you feel anything back there? Other than the colors and being a million miles past isolation, did you feel anything?”

Jared talked to the back of Ker's head.

“it’s ok Jared, it’s ok. I liked it. Let’s head back to camp.. I want to think, I think. I…. I want some sleep before it starts.”

Ker craved the same silence.

... She never turned her head to speak with him.

Her thoughts were filled with the image of a gecko running into the open door of her house, without care, with abandon to face a sure fate. She had gathered eleven cats at home. The challenge of the Gecko awaited them. She had tried to think to clear her thoughts, as the gecko and spoke aloud in the desert morning air. Her voice was crisp and sharp, even in her gentle whisper.

“He had to declare bankrupty, his house was repossessed and he lost the gecko love of his life. This was the only way he could deal with it. He is waiting for his promise of 60 Gecko Virgins in Heaven....Wait that can't be right!”

She tumbled in her mind for a reason the Gecko had run into her house so quickly.

“Wait, that can’t be right? Even Geckos have a sense, a fear. Why did he run in.?” She kept walking.

Jared followed behind in the bus. It was more than just being ignored. She has gone away for a moment and he would let her be where ever she had chosen. He was in no hurry and let her sort something out in her mind.

He was pixelated anyway himself as his fifteen minutes had begun to diminish and coming back to his reality so far away in the desert morning air."

These are just a few words I have been constructing in my room