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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I must be a bad American

I must be a bad American

I must be a bad American. Really bad. And I must not be very bright either. How was it so easy to delude me into thinking that We the People could have hope and change in America by just voting for a man that gave the impression of intelligence with well-chosen words and whose promises of a better America provided me with comfort.
I must be a bad American.
When Glenn Beck and Shaun Hannity and Bill O’Reilly spewed division and fear, when they warned us of this Socialist Muslim extremist who wanted to be our Leader, I didn’t listen. I just thought they were doing a job, like Rush to earn their bloated salaries. I never saw the connection between Karl Marx and the Health Care program, Reverend Wright and the terrorists, and the damnation of our great-grandchildren’s savings and the Stimulus.
I saw a President that promised protections from corporations that were more concerned with profits and could no longer drop us from health insurance if we actually got sick. I saw an American nation that was regaining respect on the world stage after eight years of embarrassment and the re-building of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. I held out hope that we could actually move forward on reducing dependence on foreign oil by implementing massive changes to infra-structure and promoting the development of new forms of energy.
I must be an idiot.
Rush and Bill and Glenn and Shawn and Mr. Boehner and Mr. Canter and Mr. McConnell warned us that it was wrong to bill an oil company for destroying our Gulf shores, warned us that it was wrong to protect us from the excessive rates of Health Insurers and the costs of prescription drugs. It was wrong to follow a known terrorist, a mocking effete scholar of laws and the Constitution, it was wrong to be guided to an American future by a black man who surrounded himself with the best and the brightest minds of the Country with a common set of goals: Rebuild America and plot a course filled with hope and prosperity for all.
Boy, was I an idiot.
I must be a bad American.
I thought I was seeing through the Corporately financed “Grass Roots” movements that presented  political candidates that I thought would be laughed off the stage when they proposed ending Health Care, stopping Social Security, revoking the Civil Rights bills of 1964, called masturbation a sin, rejected evolution,  insisted that abortions even resulting from rape or incest should be banned. Yet these people received votes, millions of votes and in some cases even won their elections.
I was so wrong.
I must be a bad American.
I didn’t listen when Michele Bachman warned us that our president was building re-education camps to brainwash the right into becoming progressives. I didn’t listen when Sara Palin and Chuck Grassly warned us of Death panels. I was shocked the Mr. Boehner passed out payments from Tobacco lobbyists on the floor of the House of Representatives to Congressional members loyal to the fight for Tobacco company’s rights. How could I have challenged the vision of Sara and Michelle and Christine and all the others that warned me that the graduate of Columbia and Harvard wasn’t even born in America and did not have the best interests of a better time, a post-war 1950’s America in mind when he laid out his schemes while living in Islamic Madrassas for Extremists and committing to memory the teachings of Global Left Wing Extremists.
I was so wrong and today I realize that I must be a bad American.

When Sharron Angle ran against the demon of Nevada, she recommended “Second Amendment remedies” or the taking up of weapons when the “people” did not get their way in the election.  I must be a bad American, because the thought of correcting the wrongs that happened last night with “Second Amendment remedies”   by settling these problems once and for all with guns and head crushing Rand Paul style violence has not even crossed my mind this morning.
How could I have been so wrong?
When did I forget and lose my way? I am obviously way out of touch with America. I must turn off the TV or at least change the channels from that damn PBS, MSNBC, CNN, History Channel to sitcoms, Reality shows, Bowling,  Fox News and dance competitions.
I have been brainwashed and I must regain my America so that everything thing that happened last night will seem OK. I know I will feel so much better. I didn’t even smoke pot anyway and never was a big fan of soul music or cous cous or intellectuals or European clown cars anyway.
I will really try hard at becoming a better American. If you can help me on my way, please let me know.