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Friday, May 7, 2010

A request post mortem (To Susan)

Little Bunny
When I die, my hands fall limp and still,
My skin to touch damp chill
Look to your warm heart
To fill these few post mortem requests.
On a chest that pressed against you
On arms that held you long
Have me tattooed with the grandest heart
And story of a lucky man,
Whispering your name so there is no doubt
Who you kissed in Dallas town so long ago
So many journeys round the Sun,
with two as one.
Paint my body with the story of Love.
Spray my body with your favorite scent,
Arrange my thinning hair as you like
Then just cut off a little piece
Maybe a finger that wore the gold
Maybe the ear, you kissed and stirred me.
Take me, everywhere
To scenes new and old
To the Pont Dauphine on the Seine
At night, when Paris lights twinkle
Or the base of the castle at Neuschwanstein
And pause for a moment while I look up
To share magic moments again
With you alone like no one else.
Take me to that snowy hillside in Vermont,
outside Woodstock where a single farmhouse
watches over white fields and the grey branches of trees
waiting for the love of warm Spring.
Take me to the sulfur color pools of Yosemite
Where you always wanted to go
Let me feel the magic inside they made you feel.
When I die, let it be known
Play music loud, swing round
With swirling colors dressed
Dancing like we mean it
Who loves you
and as long as the Sun warms
lives in you