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Saturday, May 1, 2010

(TO BE READ IN A MAGIC DANCE BEAT VOICE. Read it and set your own beat, the beat you feel)

Read it and set your own beat, the beat you feel)

We were just aging hopheads
Bouncing L.A. streets
Looking for the Boom Wow
Listening for the Boom Wow
Waiting for the beat

Listening to the boom wow
Bouncing to the bass wow
Moving to a beat
Going to a Dub Wow

Dowsed in jumpy sweat
moving with the mob
Boom wow made a funk
Boom wow boom wow
Dancing to the boom beat
Dancing to the boom wow
Listening to the beast
Dancing to the doom wow

The D J’s wicked wow beat
The D J’s jerky boom beat
Shattered us with boom wow
Shattered bumped our chest
Shattered all our best
Dancing to the boom wow

DJ had a beat
DJ in a trance

Dubbing to a beat
Dancing to the boom Wow
1000 waving palms
Moving like a snakes head
Jabbing at the boom wow
Pointed at the boom wow
The D J’s magic beat nest
Hot on the boom wow
making with the boom wow
Moving us along
Saving us with Boom Wow
Saving us with beat
To dance another Day
To dance another Night
Dancing with the smoky dub
Dancing with the Boom Wow.

Last Saturday night we attended Lucent L’Amours Valentine Day Experience.
We invited a friend to expose him to the wonderful weirdness we expected that night.
I regret now, I did not open the invitation to my other friends in the area that I did not include them as it
Is rare to experience such magic in L.A.

The Boom Wow is now, is love, is magical, is 21st century God and meant to be shared
with those you love.

We wandered the experience with eyes wide and sparkling, feeling the flash warm of fire and the boom wow of the bass beat. In our minds eye we felt the mystic desert beats amazingly entranced, hypnotized by the seduction of the ancient dance and cheered childlike at a circus of travelers, brought together with a sole common purpose to amaze and confound.

And it wasn’t just the Music that held you in, for the walls moved with swirling lights and glowing dream creatures. Other walls covered some with Art Complete, some with artists waiting for the Muses to enter so they could begin, finally others entranced by the Muses, painting everything they saw and felt within

…and the only disappointment of the night was they had no scotch, they had only gin