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Friday, April 30, 2010

and now it is time for a change

Together, we move forward, our shoulders lightened of the burden of fear.
The bitter taste of bile, raised by our anger
at the sound of their names and
the unearthly glow of their signature blocks,
has left our mouths and once again
the sweet taste of the anticipation and warm of Spring,
of selling those things that have brought us so tightly together,
fills our spirits and fuels us.

Let us move together forward, as Rummies, as Sellers, as seekers of Spirit & Knowledge
and lift each up as one stumbles and cheers success.

Leave them be. Leave them behind as the Jews left Egypt, the Pilgrims left England,
as all who flee in terror seek out a better place.

They may not be gone. They may be lurking in the swampy bushes of malevolence.
But they have been beaten. Bring others who seek knowledge of what they possess to
the new RummyLand, build our new home with positive bricks, and the warmth of friendship as the
mortar that binds those bricks and that home will never fall. It will strengthen as others who seek solace from the torment of digital abuse, friendship and series of
brackets placed like this ((((((())))))), join us and experience some of the true warmth we have felt together during this cold winter.

It is January 26! A day that should be remembered in our Rummy history!